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brisbane to morven (western qld)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kezza01, May 2, 2007.

  1. ok.....hopefully this will be within the guidelines and if not, i'm sorry mods......

    i have a friend living about 11 hours due west of brisbane. i'm thinking of going to visit.

    i could do the bus thing.
    i could do the train thing.
    i could do the cage thing.


    i kinda want to think about doing the bike thing instead. it's winter so won't be quite so hot.....i won't need to ride at night.....i used to live out that way so am familiar (kinda) with the types of roads out that way.

    however, if i was going to drive, i'd know exactly what i'm up for. and i could just chuck my stuff in the boot and go, and sleep in my car at night (or just drive straight through....)

    so, without scaring me off completely,

    what suggestions, hints, tips etc can people give me about:

    • how to pack my virago
      special things to be thinking about
      what tools to take
      what else i might need to know

    those who know me and my riding fears/skills/capability will probly have some idea of what even thinking about this is doing to my head!!!!!

    lookin forward to hearing from everyone.
  2. Hey Kezza, you might want to send Rosie a pm, she rode the Virago from Melbourne to Brissy and back over the Xmas break, she will have some great advice for you.
  3. yeah, i followed her trip so she's on my list of advisees......

    ooops that should be advisors shouldn't it......(that explains the day off work - i can't even string a sentence together :oops: )
  4. Hey Kezza...sounds great!

    What you pack depends on how many days you'll be on the rd. It's a 9hr trip so I'm guessing you'll break it up over two days? Will you be camping? If so, then the basics such as a tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. The smaller / lighter these items are, the better! :) My sleeping bag is one of thsoe ones that can be squashed really small.

    I tied these onto the pillion seat of the virago (using way too many ocky straps) and tied my wet weather pants over the top of it all. The sleeping bag and mat were pushed into one of those waterproof bags you can get from camping stores/supermarkets.

    So on the pillion seat:

    Sleeping mat
    Sleeping bag

    Wet weather gear - jacket and pants.

    I'd pack the following in my saddlebags:

    Two pairs of pants - perhaps one pair of riding pants (draggins) and one pair of normal every day - preferably comfy - pants to slip into at the end of the day. Feels good to get out of the draggins/wet weather pants and sit back and relax at the end of a long day of riding! You can also use the spare (nonriding) pants for pjs.

    Thermal tops - these are much better and more effective than normal everyday tops. I'd wear one and have a spare in the bag. If it's particularly cold, you can wear both at the same time (worked for me during some of the colder rides I've done).

    Woolen turtleneck skivvy
    - I don't leave home without mine! Can be worn over the thermal top/s and under the jacket.

    Jumper - I have a Gondwana zip up top - brilliant brand and it blocks out a fair amt of the cold.

    Singlet type tops x 2 - I often wear two singlet tops under my thermal top. They're small and take up hardly any room when you're not wearing them. They're good for wearing to bed as well.

    Best thing to do is overpack - you're better off having a spare jumper to chuck on if the temp drops rather than riding along shivering and unhappy.

    Neck warmer is a must!

    Knickers and socks Knee high socks are great - keep the lower legs warmer.

    Perhaps a couple of plastic shopping bags to slip over the socks in the case of wet weather - kept my feet dry when I was in the blue mtns! And my boots were full of water!

    Toiletries - t/brush, t/paste, tweezers (for eyebrows lol), shaver (for underarms) (stuff the legs - let them go - no one sees them anyway! :( haha) A small bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Soap. Face washer. Moisturiser.


    Towel!! I've got one of those mini microfibre camping towels. Good stuff. :)

    Umm.. in my tank bag I had:

    Torch and spare batteries
    Chain lube
    First aid kit - Just one with the basics... including panadol.
    Mobile phone and charger
    Pen and notepad
    Tyre fill - the foamy stuff as I wasn't confident using a tyre repair kit.

    Gaffa tape
    Cable ties

    Toolkit - have you got the virago toolkit? If not, I suggest you do a search of thsi site as toolkits have been covered before by more knowledgeable people.

    I've probably forgotten stuff - will come back and add to this if I remember anything else. :)

    Leave the car at home!

    P.s Not sure about fuel stops though. Not sure about the rds you'll be travelling, but I discovered the further inland you go, the lesser likelihood of finding a petrol station open after a certain time (eg 5/6pm).

    Best to work out your route and check what's available.
  5. thanx rosie, that is a great list of stuff. i might need quite so much cold weather gear for during the day riding.

    yes, it will probly be a two day ride given the distance. and i might actually be a chicken and stay in a hotel / pub (i used to stay in the ones out that way all the time so i'm comfortable with most of them). that way i won't need the tent and sleeping bag.

    i haven't got a tool kit for my virago - but i've got a great list of things to get for one which i'll put together if i take the bike.

    what sort of tank bag and saddle bags did you get for the virago? my saddlebags are cute and ok for day rides, but useless for carrying real stuff. i have got used to carrying a daypack sized backpack when i'm riding so i thought i could take some stuff that way. and i was thinking just one change of clothes or maybe two at the most.

    (i can't believe i am actually thinkin of doin this!!!!!!!!!)
  6. hmmm another question - rosie you might be able to answer this:

    what type of distance between fuel stops might i be able to make with a 1991 model virago 250?
  7. I've no idea Kezza as mine was an 07 model. Do you know how much you can get to a tank? It's probably best to find out before you leave - fill it up, reset the tripometer thingy (if you don't have one, write down how many k's the bike's done) and ride until it runs out. :) Take note of how many k's you got from that tank and use it as a guide.

    The amt of k's you get will also depend on the way you're riding it. If you're wringing the poor things neck you'll get less. If you're using your gears a bit, you'll get less.

    I'd get anything from 180 - 200kms on my virago...and then another 40 after switching to reserve. My suggestion, only ever use reserve as an emergency back up. If the bike's done 170 kms and you've just passed the last servo for 50kms...go back and fill up. :)

    Hope that helps!
  8. thanx rosie, i found out last night that my tank is a 9.2l....(not that that actually helps me......)

    and i will do the 'run-out' thing - provided i can get one of the brissie crew to ride along with me to calm my nerves - in over 20 yrs of driving i've never once run out of petrol!!!!!

    someone suggested that i should be able to get about 250ks....but after what you've said i'm not sure....but it looks like more than the 150 max i'd been thinking of....
  9. Hey Kezza - get someone to go with you if it makes you feel better. :) They're not going to be able to do much when your bike runs out of fuel though - you're the only one who can deal with the immediacy of it.

    Seriously though - running out of fuel on the bike is no big deal...if you're riding along, the bike will simply lose power - it'll feel like it's doing a gentle bunny hop - and then you reach down with your left hand, keeping eyes on the rd at all times, and feeling with your hand, turn the fuel switch around to the reserve setting.

    Or, if you're sitting at the traffic lights in Sydney and th elights go green and your bike makes it halfway across the intersection before dying, you simply wheel it to the nearest safe point, switch it to reserve, press ignition and give it a few good revs whilst doing so. That's what I did with the virago anyway ;)

    I suggest you get some practice doign this...just every now and then whilst riding along, put your left hand down to the fuel tap and pretend to turn it to reserve....whilst keeping eyes and focus on the rd. Taht way, when the time comes for your bike to run out, you'll be able to turn the switch automatically. :) :)

    Let us know how you go. :)
  10. thanx for the suggestion rosie, it was something that i practiced while i was learning (not the actually needing to turn the reserve tap) but i haven't practiced since i got my own bike.

    i'll try to remember to try reaching for the tap next time i go out on the bike.....
  11. Cool. Just don't upset the balance of the bike whilst doing so. Keep looking ahead etc, don't lean/put weight on the right bar, don't look down at what you're doing. Just feel for it. :)

    When are you planning on going? Trust me, once you've done this long ride you'll be wanting to do more. You'll be hooked girl. :) It's a good thing. :)
  12. thanx rosie, good to have some support (there's been a couple of naysayers - not netriders i might add).....

    at this stage the plan is for the last week of june - school holidays and my son will be with his dad - but it depends on two things:

    a) work giving me time off then (not the best time of year for me to go)
    b) my mate at the other end....

    but, still, the planning and thinking means a long trip has at least made it into my riding goals list - which means it's there looking at me every time i look at my computer.....
  13. From one kezza to another...Go Girl! You can do it. Since you lot have encouraged me along I have knocked a couple of thousand k's up. All practice for the big one...eventually. Good luck with it and I will be watching out for a report about it all. :)
  14. You have a great assistant there with Rosie, Kez....
    and lots of support from your friends here! :wink:
    You go girl!
    I am so proud of ya chicky! :grin:
  15. thanx kex and bm
  16. well, hurdle one now jumped.....leave is approved.......

    now to hurdle number two....
  17. Please enlighten us...#2 is......??
  18. writing the letter to say "is it ok for me to come..."
  19. Nah!!!! Just go- you would be welcome on anyone's doorstep! :wink:
  20. thanx.....but it's a hellava long way to go to find out he'd just nicked out to do some shopping (in the next town......250 ks away!)