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Brisbane to Melbourne?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Anyone done this trip (either way?) I was wondering how long it would take pretty much straight through with night stops etc... road distances? (not as the crow flies!)

  2. I've done it in 2 days by car but you'd be slower on a bike possibly.

    You're looking at 20 - 24 hours of riding. The inland route is a fair bit quicker then going via Sydney as well. If you want to split it in half Dubbo is about 12 hours driving from Melbourne.

    Milage should be about 1700kms.
  3. The Newll Highway is BORING through central NSW. Watch this time of year - LOTS of insects.

    Go the New England Highway- far more interesting and less-travelled.
  4. in early 1999 went up on a Kawasaki GT550 along the Pacific. Day 1 Melb to Canbera, Day 2 Can to Syd, Day 3 Syd to Coffsharbur, Day 4 Cofsharbur to Brysbane.
    Late 1999 come back in car... 22hours 33 minutes from Baron Bay same rute as above just did't stop for any thing but fuel and food
    2003 took a small truck allong Newll... 12hours to Dubbo and another 16 to Brisbane... Hell!! but I knew I had my bike on the truck :)
    3 days later I was coming back on the VFR.
    Day 1 Sunshine cost to Baron bay, Day 2 Baron bay to Sydney, Day 3 Sydney to Melbourne...

    All I have to say if you are gong to go for a long ride like that... make shoure you do it on a big comfy bike... The GT550 was hell, my body acked for days while the VFR even with a buccled rear wheel was SO much better...
  5. Driven it many times. Day 1 you'll get to Dubbo, or maybe Gilgandra or even Coonabarabran if you get up early, and have a decent range on your bike. Day 2 you will hit Brisbane at about 7pm should you leave around 7am.

    Or you go the Hume to Sydney. Stay somewhere on the outskirts, even Newcastle if you get that far. Then Sydney to Brisbane up the Pacific. The coast road (Pacific) has been heavily upgraded over the past 7-8 years and is now quite safe to travel. Its also a little quicker, even tho its a litte longer as the majority of towns haave been bypassed now. Only problem is its policed much, much, much heavier than the New England which in turn is policed much heavier than the Newell.

    Melb to Bris is around the 1850k.
  6. Melbourne to Brisbane

    Much of what has been written is very good. We obviously have some well-travelled members (and people who use the forums [fora???] too!!)
    Pacific up the coast is the prettiest, but also the slowest.
    In the wake of the Kempsey bus crash our beloved RTA closed down the majority of the passing opportunities on straight pieces of road previously used for such by putting in double unbroken lines.
    In their place they installed so-called "overtaking lanes"
    In practice they are about as useful as a joke book at a funeral. Traffic piles up behind one slow moving vehicle and simmers in mute frustration till the overtaking lane appears. Then it's motogp time while everyone passes the slow vehicle only to pile up into another slow moving mass a little further up the road.
    Sorry, guys, it simply doesn't work. And as far as small towns being by-passed, I agree that many have, but many still haven't. It's not the towns that slow you down it's the lack of overtaking opportunities to thin the traffic down and speed up the flow.
    The New England is the less preferred of the inland routes. Very heavily policed and some very dangerous sections. Very few towns have been by-passed at this stage and the rest of the road is dogged with the same lack of overtaking opportunities that make the Pacific such a nightmare.
    Of them all, the Newell is the best. It's longer by quite a bit, it's flat, boring and has very little to relieve the monotony. The interstate truckies use it the most so that should tell you something. They have to get point to point quickly. There are very few towns but the livestock can be a problem, especially now in drought as the roos tend to come to edge of the raod to find food cos there's none in the paddocks. DON'T RIDE IT AT NIGHT.
    Having said all that, and having used and compared all three routes, my absolute preference is the Newell. It's faster and safer than either of the other routes.
    I rest my case, m'lud.
  7. Brisbane to Melbourne

    If you want good riding I would travel the New England to Singleton then take the Putty Road to Windsor then the Hume cutting across to Wollongong and follow the Princes highway to Melbourne.
    The shortest, quickest and most boring is the Newell Highway.