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Brisbane to Melbourne via the Newell Hwy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by dan, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Has got to be the most boring ride I've ever done, but that's the price you pay for taking the express route.

    We left on Wednesday arvo from Brissy, me on the R6 fresh from a 4 week hibernation, with a support team consisting of a Landcruiser with camper trailer in tow. We travelled out from the Gold Coast via the Nerang-Beaudesert road, which was the highlight of the entire trip, with a few nice corners. Brown pants moment when flying around a bend to find traffic stopped with a B-Double trying to do a R/H turn :shock:.

    We landed at Warwick for the night, nice little town with a few great pubs. On the road early, we travelled along the Cunningham Hwy until it met up with the Newell Hwy near Goondiwindi. Made it to Parkes that night, where I encountered a few nice left hand turns into side streets, a change from the 700 previous kms with so much as a bend.

    Another early start on Friday, with Melbourne in sight. The few twisties just after Tocumwal were spoilt by rain which greased up the roads. That cleared up in time for the straight bits. The Landcruiser led most of the way, and usually left me behind with my attempts to stay <10kph over the limit. An organised speedo check on a dual lane section proved the 4WD's speedo was reading about 10-15kph+ less than mine... I hope mine is slower, or there could be a few tickets arriving in the mail soon. :? We turned off at Seymour and headed out for Yarra Glen. Finally, a few twisties! 45 minutes of fun in 1850 kms. Arrived at about 5pm.

    Very sore baboon bum. Wrists were saved by the cruise control I fitted before we left. Bike covered with bugs. Flat spot on rear tire from lack of corners :evil:
  2. HEY WELCOME BACK DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Welcome back dan, but dare i ask, what cruise control did you fit on your r6?

    I never knew you could get one that fitted it, not even aftermarket.
  4. It's called a Vista Cruise... You can get it to fit 'most' yamaha models. Installation instructions are poor (too complex). Doesn't fit all that well, throttle hasn't got a lot of freeplay even when the cruise lever is not locked on. Perfect for long trips, but I'll be taking it off for general day to day use as the lack of throttle recoil could be an issue.
  5. Welcome back Dan!

    So we finally get to meet the knowledgeable one?! :wink:

    :D :D :D
  6. Welcome back to Melbourne Dan.

    It's been kind of quiet on here for a week or 3.
  7. wb Dan