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Brisbane to Melbourne -best roads?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Roarin, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Okay peoples, I have a week to get from Brisbane back to Melbourne. Which roads should not be missed? 7-800 km days are no real drama so fire away. :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Well, it depends on whether you want to do it straight or do it twisty.

    If you want to do it straight, there's no question, the Newell Highway and straight down through the centre of Victoria is the way to go. It's fast, straight and boring. With the rain we've had recently, the countryside is looking much nicer and you'll get plenty of opportunity to admire it.

    Second choice is the New England. Much more twisties, but still reasonably quick. Skirt around Sydney and straight down the Hume.

    Third choice and slowest is the Pacific/Princes. It's probably the prettiest and also has some wonderful little side=tracks that are well worth exploring.

    Name you poison, I guess.
  3. Just in case I wasn't being clear enough -I have a week I want to use up getting from Brisbane back to Melbourne. I wouldn't mind riding the whole way on every twisty backroad between there & here. Any I shouldn't miss?
  4. I've gotta do this run in a couple of months, but I think it'll be the fastest route we can find (camping along the way). It'll be a reall iron arse effort - buying a cruise control this weekend to save my back and wrists on the more boring sections.
  5. Well, that does make a difference. Let me see. Brisbane to Wauchope via the Pacific. Up the Oxley to Tamworth, down the New England to Sydney, the down the Princes to Bomaderry. Up Cambewarra Mountain, through Kangaroo Valley, up Barrengarry Mountain to Moss Vale, then backtrack to Nowra. Then down the Princes and right around the coast to Melbourne.

    I'm sure there's some beauties I've missed there, but that's a start.
  6. Well, only the entire Snowy Mountains...

    If you're passing through the Far North Coast, the roads between Ebor, Dorrigo and Coffs Harbour are not to be missed.

    Thunderbolts Way and Bucketts Way are the way to get from Armidale south, not New England.

    Heading into Sydney, the Putty Road.

    Heading south out of Sydney, can't miss the Royal National Park.

    Drop down the coast to Batemans Bay, do Kings Highway up to Braidwood, then veer off to Cooma, which puts you at the doorstop to the Snowy Mountains. Run around there for a day.

    Then do the Old Murray Valley Highway which runs between Walwa and Hume Dam; killa sweepers.

    By the end of that, you're in Victoria... Great Alpine Road, the country roads down to Glenrowan, Mansfield and so forth? Take your pick.
  7. Absolutely take the Great Alpine road through Victoria. Get there via the route that passes through Tintaldra and aim to finish up there at the end of the day so you can stay the night at the Tintaldra Hotel. It's a real rustic biker-friendly pub right on the border (the river) that servers fantastic food. You may remember this pub from the AMCN "Tour of Duty" rides they did when they were based in Melbourne. They still go there, just on a different ride.

    Once you leave Tintaldra, head straight to Ovens, turn left and then head to Bright, then Omeo, then Bairnsdale. Trust me, these are FANTASTIC roads (except perhaps the top of Mt Hotham in winter!!!!) on a good day. The only downside is the 280km from Bairnsdale to Melbourne, which is dead straight. Leaving Tintaldra at 9am will get you into Melbourne about 8pm via this route.

    If you want to avoid ANY straight roads, go to Myrtelford from Tintaldra, then Oxley, then Whitfield, then Bridge Creek, then Mansfield, then Alexandra, then Marysville. At this point you can take EITHER the Reefton Spur (awesome, but very tight!), or the Black spur (awesome, and recently resurfaced). If you catch the black spur on a dry day in the middle of the week there will be very few cars and you will be screamin' the whole way down the mountain. Black Spur also gets you back to melbourne a bit quicker. Leaving Tintaldra at 9am will get you into Melbourne about 6pm via this route.


    P.S. Probably my favourite part of the whole ride is the road between Dedarang and Ovens (the C534). It's got a short 10 minute twisty section in there that just blows my mind whenever I do it - wide road, excellent visibility, and couple of those corners where you can just see three corners ahead. Hooo baby, it makes me drool just thinking about it.
  8. Brissie, up Mt. Glorious, down to Wivenhoe Dam, south to Beaudesert, east up Tamborine, south to Cunungra, return trip into the Lamington NP and O'Reillys Guesthouse, East/ south-east Nerang, then south baout 20km parallel to the coast past Natural bridge NP to Murwillumbah.

    Up the Tweed Valley to Kyogle (past Mt. Warning), south to Casino, west up the Bruxner for some quick, sweepers, south on the New England towards Glen Innes, short of town cut East down the Gwydir hwy for more fast sweepers and glorious scenery, then south via Coutts Crossing to Dorrigo (all sealed).
    West on the Waterfall Way to Armidale, south to Walcha, return run of the Oxley Hwy (turn back after the twisties), then south from Walcha on the Thunderbolt Way to Gloucester, keep running south a bit, turn west onto the Buckett's way via Dungog to Singleton, south via the Wollombi (the Putty is way over-rated and only really intersting in the northern section through the gorge, the rest is fairly useless), turn west up the Hawkesbury River to Wisemans Ferry, then comes the shitty part around Sydney, (Windsor/Penrith/Camden...with limited time on your hands, DON'T go west via Bells/ Lithgow/Blue Mts, takes too much time....or via Bathurst, you're missing the entry into the Snowies).

    Down the Hume to Bowral, then south-east through Kangaroo Valley to Nowra, follow the Princess down the coast for a bit, through Batemans Bay, past Narooma through Bermagui and Tathra on the coast (all sealed).

    From Tathra turn inland via Candelo and Wyndham to Bombala, West/ south-west via Delegate and 20 dirt for 115km of twisties on the Bonang Hwy to Orbost.
    Orbost back-road to Buchan, south-west to Bruthen, north up to Omeo, via Mt. Hotham to Bright, then the usual Oxley/ Whitfield/ Mansfield/ any which way back to Melb.

    Going that way will be a damn hard week though :)
    Plenty of other options once past Sydney, pm/ email for other ideas if needed.
  10. I've only done the run up and back (melb-bris-melb) once (on a bike) but can only second (or is it third) the recommendation to take the thunderbolt way along your route..

    One of those roads where you're on the top of a ridge line for much of it with very few trees to hit (or hide cops), good road surface, and the sort of visibility that makes sitting at speeds where you back off to 200km/h for the corners seem like a good idea.. (not that I'd do that but so I'm told :wink: )

    Enjoy the run, its fantastic and from the road selection offered already it makes me want to do it again!


    P.S. Just watch out for the occasional bit of cattle being fed on the road side if the area is as dry as it was when we went through.. Cows hurt
  11. You can avoid this "exciting" run. You can pretty much come from Bairnsdale to Melbourne without using the Pricess Hwy.

    Just as you leave Bairnsdale, there's road on your left. You turn down here and it does a shallow U and joins up with the Pacific near the turn off to Maffra. I think it goes through/near Perry Bridge. I know this is a big vague...sorry. On the Melways it's not that hard to find.

    Then you go through Maffra, Heyfield & Glengarry towards Moe. The roads are generally straight here but you avoid the Princess Hwy. At Moe, you head towards Tanjil South or Willow Grove. There's a turn off that takes you through Powelltown and Noojee. You'll come out at Launching Place on the Warburtin Hwy.

    Hope this is half clear. :)
  12. Roarin, the way you ride, you will need about 2 weeks just to get to Sydney :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. You might also like to consider diverting to Nabiac on the Nth NSW coast (between Newcastle and Port Macquarie) for the very impressive National Motorcycle Museum. 600+ classic (and other) bikes on display.
    There's also a fine bike museum at Tamworth, if you're interested in this stuff.
  14. Seeing as I'm doing this next week I think I may give the Snowy's a miss -I was up there a few months ago in nice warm weather so may stick to the coast or drop in to Corryong via Canberra/Gundagai/Tumbarumba or something along those lines. Thanks dudes. Sort of more interested in Northern to mid NSW areas.