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Brisbane to Maroochydoore

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sonicbaz, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Howdy, got to ride to Maroochydoore for work to setup a network this afternoon.

    Leaving in about an hour, a little nervous spending so much time on the highway, but ready for the challange.

    Will post a trip report when I get up there (as long as I get the net working :wink: )

    Plan on making at least 2 stops each way to stretch and refocus (ie consume chips and cans of coke :grin: ).

    wish me luck :p

  2. Hey Baz,

    Did the trip last week. Stop at the BP at Burpengary for one, if you need a second then suggest the Ettamogah Pub.

    Watch for cameras around Kalangur, usually tucked in behind the sound barriers. :shock:

    Roadworks between Boundary Rd & Deception Bay Rd - most traffic only slows to 95 so keep your wits about you.

    Good ride although can get boring once you're in the Pine Trees - not much to see. Traffic is generally light after Caboolture anyway - plus it's a 110 zone. :grin:

    Enjoy the ride - if I didn't have to work here I'd join you. :(
  3. You're a legend Auscruiser, thanks for those tips and great road report! :cool:
  4. OK had a good trip there and back 220km.

    Bum got pretty numb though. :eek:

    Stopped at the BP at Burpengary and then the Ettamogah Pub. Had a bit of trouble getting back on the freeway at the Ettamogah, couldn't wind up fast enough and although I was going 100km+ a car wouldn't slow down and didn't move over, so he went right by me as I merged. :mad:

    Buffeting was at times a little scary. Still uncomfortable with gusts too. My throttle hand feels a bit weak. :roll:

    Bought some stretchy things to tie down my back pack, but it didn't look secure enough so I wore it the whole way.

    First long range trip, would love to try the same trip on a bigger bike. :grin:
  5. You must be on the Northside - 240Km Round trip from here.

    Ooops, sorry - forgot to mention that. Hence the stops. I tried riding all the way back in one shot - made it as far as the Boondall Wetlands before needing a walk break.

    Mongrels. Think Karma - somebody will do it to them one day. :p

    Same here..... One day.

    Glad you made it back ok - I take it that the network is up and running ?
  6. Must of been the day for going north (and back) - I only had to get to Caboolture - glad you had a safe trip despite the numb bum!
  7. Man you sound like you need to get out a ride more if your bum went numb on that short trip :grin: maybe you should come with me on one of my "short" rides
  8. Yes but your on a 1100cc bike, not a little 250 screamer.

    The vibrations from the engine alone at 100km/h are enough to numb your ass for a while. :D