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Brisbane to Darwin over 4,000km - 11 Days

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by uncosnail, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=78467&id=1072308972&l=71e160cfa9

    Did this on a postie bike - as part of the Postie Bike Challenge. Late September to early October this year. On some days we did over 400km.
    Brisbane - Gayndah - Rolleston - Barcaldine - Muttaburra - Proa Station - Gregory Downs Pub - Hell's Gate - Borrololla - Daly Waters Pub - Katherine - Darwin

  2. Great photos (although I've ridden a postie bike, I cant imagine riding that distance on one!). Im riding Brisbane to Mackay in December, cannot wait.
  3. do they do that every year? wicked pics :D

    i wanna do it next year!!!!
  4. I've been wanting to do the Postie Bike Challenge for a while. Just never seem to have the cash at the critical time. One day :D.
  5. Yep, next year is from Brisbane to Alice Springs, around late August to coincide with the Regatta event at Alice Springs. We had people from New Zealand, UK, USA, WA, Vic, NSW, QLD, NT on the trip.
  6. This is on my 'list'. It's about $4k isn't it?

    To Alice Springs you say......hmmmm, that could be the one for me!
  7. This is cool, I always wanted to do a postie trip
  8. Its expensive at $5,500 which includes everything (food, meals, fuel, mechanic, accomodation) except your airfare to Brisbane. You get a tax receipt for the bike of $1,400.00, because it is a donation.

  9. This is so on my bucket list. I am so envious ha ha. Well done.
    Are all the bikes in it std? or are you allowed to mod them a little. Thinking more the suspension.
    I get a bit more than 60k out of a tank on mine doing the mail. So I am thinking about 80 to 90 on the run. Is this correct, and if so, fuel stops will be comen and manic lol.
    Does the five five cover transport back to bris ???
  10. The suspension was set at the hardest level, you can do minor mods as seen in the photos, but no tweaking it to go faster.

    We filled up at around 100km, there is no fixed point, you just do it whenever (using the 5 litre jerry can which we carried in our milk crates) though I could get 110km easy enough. Then we would meet up with the fuel truck, (usually at the lunch stop) and exchange the empty can for a full container and continue on.

    We would mainly meet the fuel truck once a day.

    Airfare from destination back to your home city is covered by them. They also give you a lunch box as you sort of eat lunch on the run. There is no race and they just prefer you get to your destination by dark. I usually got there around 3.30pm. We were up at around 6.00am and on the road by 7.30am to be the heat.
  11. 5.5k def not cheap, but the experience would be fantastic!
  12. Just had a read through the info on the website and it looks incredible was always half hearted about it before but am now keen to give it a go. I still have a couple q's maybe you could answer some or all. (PS can't see facebook at work so some of the answers may be there)

    1. How many days does it usually go for? (edit just saw the title of the post 11 days - yes I now applying for a position at ASIO)
    2. How many people took part?
    3. I note you are only meant to go at about 70kph and check oil each evening and at rest stops, make sure it cools down in idle for a few minutes at each stop etc - was there anyone that couldn't go the whole way because their bike couldn't be restarted/repaired and if so was it simply because they didn't follow these instructions?

  13. My trip from Brisbane to Darwin was 11 days. If you look at past challenges you can see how many days they go for.

    We had 47 people take part. Youngest person was 16, oldest 71. 7 women. We had 7 drop out due to injuries, mainly on the dirt sections.

    We were told we could go at 75kph but my bike was much capable of going much faster than that. But I tried to keep it at 75kph. Depends on your weight. I was easily overtaking people on hills, only because I was lighter than them.

    We would check the oil usually in the mornings and occasionally at the lunch time rest stop. One girl went through 3 bikes. Everybody elses bike made the distance. Her bike had an electrical fault, then the next bike, something went wrong because they thought she didn't put oil in it. They just gave her another bike to ride.

    In the mornings we would lube the chain, check the tyre pressure and check the oil. Didn't take long. At night if there was anything wrong with your bike you just left it with the mechanics. The mechanics didn;t mind you watching and/or helping them out either.

    there is a facebook site for the 2011 event.

    Feel free to ask any more questions. I didn't book in until about 12 weeks before the event, and 1 girl booked in 4 weeks before.
  14. what happens to the bikes afterwards?
  15. the bike goes to charity and you get a tax invoice for it, but you can buy it if you like for $800.00
  16. Was browsing thru the latest rapid after work last night at a servo and saw the 2 page article on your trip. Couldn't see your pic but it may have been there as I only had a quick squiz at it. Great effort for embarking and completing the trip. I think the article could have been a little longer but at least it was there.
  17. Yep I am definately there, I am the silly person in the motorbike gear with shorts sitting on the kids plaything, I have a black and blue mesh jacket and my blue and white striped helmet on. Ridiculous photo I know, but the editor had over 200 to choose from. Looking forward to doing the next challenge in August to Alice Springs.

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  18. Haha nice one on ya :)
    Did you have any other people tag along on other bikes that weren't a part of the postie challenge?
  19. Very temping adventure....

    Brisbane - Jandowae - Nindigully Pub - Charleville - Windorah - Birdsville - Bedourie - Boulia - Tobermorey Station - Gemtree - Alice Springs

    Now where's that Annual Leave form?
  20. No we did have anyone else tag along, I think they would have got bored at the slow speed. We did have people come up and say hello when we were doing fuel stops, breaks etc. Intering that a lot of the places we went through are now flooded. We have a few of the media taking our photos along the way. So ended up in a few of the local papers.