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Brisbane Taxi Ripoff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I'm still in shock after one of the most expensive taxi rides I've encountered anywhere in the world and I've travelled a lot.
    When I go interstate I usually hire a small car, under a $100 a day gets the job done. Yesterday I decided to grab a cab in Brisbane instead. The ride was about 25 minutes from the airport....$90!! Others at the conference reporting the same numbers.
    Ok everyone has to make a living but that is just bizarre and I calculated it out at almost twice what it would have cost here in Adelaide.
    So if you rare going to Brisbane don't get a cab, hire a small car with unlimited ks for two days instead and you will not only save money but you'll get where you want to go a lot quicker without having to speak a foreign language.

  2. Have you taken a cab in Melbourne?

    Costs you half your manhood to go around the block.........and that's assuming you're lucky enough to find a cab with a driver who can navigate.

    But yes - 90 bones for a short trip sounds like a typical "City" fare to me........
  3. Back in my day you used to be able to get in a cab, take your Sheila accross town. Toss him a shilling and he'd give you enough change for popcorn a choctop and the movie.
  4. Luxury, bloody luxury. I was born in shoe box in middle of road. Used to get up in morning and lick road clean with tongue.
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  5. Oh la di da mr fancy pants with his shoebox. I bet it was made with luxurious cardboard with lovely paper lining and even a pack of silica crystals to keep you dry in the rain. I was born in a pile of used syringes stuck together with discarded nappies.
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  6. Brisbane rates are not much more than SA.

    Peak Rates (07:00 - 19:00)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $2.90, $2.14/km, $1.50, $47.40/hour

    Off Peak Rates (19:01 - 06:59 + Saturday & Sunday)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $6.30, $2.14/km, $1.50, $47.40/hour

    Peak Rates (06:00 - 18:59)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $3.70, $1.77/km, Free, $38.20/hour

    Off Peak Rates (19:00 - 05:59 + Saturday & Sunday)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $4.90, $1.94/km, Free, $38.20/hour

    Melbourne rates are lower still.

    Peak Rates (05:00 - 23:59)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $3.20, $1.61/km, $2.00, $33.96/hour

    Off Peak Rates (00:00 - 04:59)
    Flag Fall, Distance Rate, Booking Fee, Waiting Time
    $3.20, $1.94/km, $2.00, $33.96/hour

  7. Don't know how true it is but one of the locals up there was telling me that people from the sub continent are buying up all the taxi licenses and creating monopolies. I would have thought the rates were set by the governing body but there must be a lot of scope for rorting the system.

    Rates mean bugger all apparently, it's what you pay at the end of trip that counts. There is also an airport levy I believe. Unless you are savvy to all the right charges you are going to get stung that's the bottom line.
    Whatever the reason, I won't use taxis in Brisbane ever again when I can rent a car for less.
  8. Money-wise, you'd probably have been better off catching a train at least part of the way :shrug:. It's pricey for a rail ticket, but still only $17 to the city. I would assume fares from there woulda been less overpriced.

    :-O And interfere with The Market?!
  9. Must've been ripped off, I do Brissie a fair bit and the airport to city is normally $40-$55 and even at that it's exy.

    My personal worst sting - 300m in a rickshaw in Singapore. The guy went pedaling down the road the wrong way and probably did about triple the distance. Was expecting a $10 approx fee and he goes '$50'! I goes 'what?' and quick as a flash he whips out his 'official' fee card. I'm still in shock so then says ok $30 so we settled on that. Burnt my ass all night that one!
  10. Well... No shoebox" just old rabbit skins without the fur and I used holey dollars sans sheila so there...been in a taxi lately in Sydney?? Sell your soul to the devil for that and you usually get someone who yaps on their phone the whole time with their head almost laid back into your lap when you are sitting in the back. I used to like to sit in the front but didn't enjoy getting eye-f..ked the whole time...icky esp when you are the one forking out big bikkies for the ride!
  11. You don't think $55 for a 15km, 20 minute trip is expensive ? I do. Maybe I did get ripped off but so did other people at the same event arriving in different cabs at different times to the same location from the airport. They paid between 85 and 95 dollars.
    Good for tourism when the first thing that happens to them when they arrive is they get their wallet reamed by a crook who struggles to find his way and speaks bugger all english.
  12. I'm suprised Melbourne rates are lower. Wowza.
  13. We should have the Dolmuş system in Australia.
  14. Yes we agree, I said I thought 40-55 was exy (expensive)...
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  15. Next time catch the train. The Brisbane airport to city train is great.
  16. Yes I've heard that but I wasn't going to the city and I'm a snob :)
    Last time I used public transport in Australia was in 1967.
    I've had my whinge. Normal programming can resume.
  17. Probably some opportunists all taking advantage of the G20.

    How many kms was it or where was the conference? Shouldnt be too hard to calculate what the fare should have been.
  18. cost me 150$ to get a cab from the crown casino to mornington as there was no trains and no busses and no nothing to get home... preeeeeetty sure he drove around the block a few times whilst i was napping cus i was absolutely floored when i woke up at home to see that on the meter.
  19. I'm about thirty minutes from the CBD and it's cost ~$40 to taxi home on the few occasions I have needed to, and that's a third of the distance you were travelling, not to mention way closer to other potential fares :shrug: .
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  20. Sydney is similar to the worst Peak and offpeak rates, but have third world standard taxis.

    Peak Rates (06:00 - 21:59)
    Flag Fall
    Distance Rate Booking Fee Waiting Time
    $3.60 $2.19/km $2.50 $56.68/hour
    Off Peak Rates (22:00 - 05:59)
    Flag Fall
    Distance Rate Booking Fee Waiting Time
    $6.10 $2.62/km $2.50 $56.68/hour

    And I can't remember the last time I got in one that didn't smell like a Port-a-loo.

    One Silver Service Cab driver I got told me people are paying so much for lisences that they are living in the taxi. That's somewhat credible given that many drivers are coming from developing nations with very little money when they get here.

    The taxis I've caught in Brisbane and Melbourne are much, much cleaner and better maintained.