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Brisbane tattoo places

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mormegil, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi all.

    What is the the best, money-no-object tattoo place in Brisbane?

    A friend of mine is dying (breast cancer) and her husband wants to get a tattoo of an angel with her face done on his back. Obviously the entire exercise is a waste of time if the artist can't do a good job of the face.

    Is there a place that anybody would recommend?
  2. I swear by this group Eternal Instinct - they are located in melbourne, however if you ask them they might be able to recommend a good artist in Brisbane...

    Pink got her tattoo here when she was on Aust. tour.

    Giovanni knows his $hit...


    Good luck
  3. Where he can't even see it?

    What a romantic way to be marked for life...
  4. Still, if he's going to do it, he should be extra careful about who inks him...

  5. Best of luck to him, No help unfortunately, but that is really beautiful rememberence. Only i must admit, I really feel for the poor guy who got that tat.... of all the things you could stuff up.

    (Note, maybe he could get a graphic designer to work up a b+w transfer so all the proportions are guaranteed.)
  6. wow, thats terrible.
  7. +1 how pissed would you be! Once you find a good artist stick with them, they usually look after you. The bloke I was using was excellent till he was forced to retire after being stabbed in the hand :cry: Took ages to find another I trusted enough to do my back.

    But since I'm in SA i can't help much, good luck though
  8. I saw one recently that said "Live is pain."

    So either he hadn't liked anything since their first album (I'd go along with that) or he really should have done a spelling and grammar check before doing anything permanent.