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Brisbane...Sunday weather good to go....Ride Time!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Looks to be a fine day tomorrow so the XVS650 will be coming out for a run.
    Been a while since I`ve gone for a longer ride so its about time I turned some petrol into noise.

  2. Just woke up, and its blue sky for a change! Our engines will be starting up shortly too.
  3. You lucky people (I'm working today). Hope the rain didn't deposit any debris on the road.
  4. Isn't it nioce to see the sunshine out for a change :)

    It will be a ride to work for me ... I think I'll go the long way :cool:
  5. How was the ride?
  6. My ride was fine :) ... it was the 8 hours attendance at the coalface in the middle that was boring :bored:
  7. I had a hoot!! Started at Margate, went up to Mt Glorious then back onto Mt Nebo and down the range through the Gap over to Southbank. Stopped for a backside rest and a large coffee at Cannon Hill Coffee club, over the gateway bridge, down to the Redcliffe turnoff and over the bridge to home. Was fun. Traffic behaved and the weather was perfect. Bike purred as usual....what more could you want? Life is good.