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QLD Brisbane SE Freeway - what's it like?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mendosi, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. As I puttered into work this morning in heavy traffic on the Western Freeway I wondered to myself: "How effective is the Transit Lane on the South-East Freeway (or whatever it's called now) at expediting motorcycle travel during peak times?"

    I was wondering because I'd be interested to know what The Authorities could do in other places around Bne to speed things up for us (if they wanted to) without huge expense.

    Another thought which came to mind after reading the experience of others around Oz is whether they could make the Busway network available to bikes.

    Just some thoughts. As I said, plenty of time to think in morning traffic...
  2. In peak hours the SE Freeway Transit Lane is absolutely brilliant in allowing eligible vehicles to travel at the speed limit for a few kilometres before joining the crawl for the rest of the journey.
  3. I generally used the breakdown lane on the left. It has its own problems and challenges, but I found it worked, overall.
  4. Actually, this might be a good time to ask local council candidates how they plan to make Brisbane more motorcycle friendly, what with the election coming and all...
  5. Yeah, solve the situation where there's twice as many motorbike/scooter commuters in the greater CBD region than there are motorbike carparks for example :p

    EDIT - Mind you, having said that. It boggled my mind how bad the motorbike parking situation was in adelaide's city centre when I was down there recently
  6. Yes, that's a bit tricky. I know that BCC is looking for more places to install parking but I don't think it's a high priority for them.

    Could make it easy by allowing Melbourne-style parking but I think an attitude shift will be required before that happens.