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Brisbane rides, cruises? Gday to all, introducing myself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stevo750cc, May 24, 2005.

  1. hey guys,

    this topic is about ride events, but if its in the wrong place, my apologies, i'm a forum administrator myself and know how it gets sometimes when a new member rocks up and posts stuff in the wrong places...

    my name is Steve, and upon entering a Honda dealership some 4 weeks ago to buy my girl's dad a honda shirt for his birthday, i left with a new VT750C Shadow.

    so, a new world opens for me, and i'm loving the bike, not looking back.

    in QLD we have a the QRIDE courses, so i went from not even having the learners permit on the friday, to having an open unrestricted licence come the monday morning.

    anyhow, i also run and own another website. we are a nationally based street ute club with a website and forums much alike to what you guys have here...yes this is still going somewhere...

    what we have over there is state franchises, teamQLD, teamNSW etc etc... for each state to plan and organise cruises and events and so forth..

    now, my point comes to surface.. do you guys have a regular bris/QLD cruising group?

    if so, i'd like to come along for rides etc, i was going to post an idea for one, but thought and assumed that there would practically already be one in place which i could just tag along too, but after reading this forum, cant seem to see much action going on up here in Bris Vegas.

    so... do you guys have a brisbane group? if yes, and you're part of the brisbane group, are their any rides planned soon?

    if no... could we get one started perhaps?

    one thing you sure do find when you buy a bike is that in your circle of friends, you immediately become the only one with a bike.

    so, here i am, seeking new friends and people to ride with. hope to hear from some people soon.

  2. Welcome aboard, mate.

    If I ever get up your way I'll give you a call :)
  3. Re: [Bris] - rides, cruises? Gday to all, introducing myself

    Why not start one Steve? Post a ride in thre forums and calendar, and before you know it, you have a regular group of riders that are regularly posting rides for the Brisbane area.