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Brisbane - Ride this Monday the 7th of May - Public Holiday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mark_froble, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi South-East Queenslanders!

    Because I hardly get any weekends off work to ride with you guys, I'd like to organise a ride on a day that I have off. So happens that I have this Monday off which is Labour Day - so you should have the day off too!

    I thought there might be a few of you guys who wanna go for a ride, as I'm sick of riding by myself during the week...very lonely :(

    Even if it's just a couple of us, I'd love to take a quick ride somewhere. I was thinking a Northside ride would be best, hopefully including Mt Nebo at some stage, as that's my favourite!

    If it sounds like anyone's interested, I'll create an official ride in the "ride announcements" section of the forum.

    What do you reckon??????

    Thanks guys.


  2. hey there tim, great to hear from you......

    i'd be interested, but

    slow_suzuki and i are planning on doing a bit of recce run to mt mee on monday (i think it was). i want to check out what the road into the camping grounds is like so i can gauge whether i can really manage it or not for the weekend trip we're planning.

    perhaps you'd be interested in joining in with us?

    it wasn't going to take in nebo and glorious, and i don't know what the traffic up that way is likely to be given the public holiday.......

    at this stage, we haven't quite decided on what time we'd be leaving, or where we'd be leaving from......

    i need to get in a ride to readjust my bike after the lever changes, and also need to get more rides before my road trip....
  3. Hi Kezza,

    If no one else wants to go on a ride, I'll come on that recce with you! Is it just you and slow_suzuki @ at the moment?

    I'll give it another couple of days to see if anyone wants to join me.


  4. at this point yes.....altho bm might come depending on her plans
  5. Hey there Tim! Where you been?
    I would love to catch you for a ride but Monday is out for me.
    I do have every Monday off though so give me ayell if you are ever free.
    You live just down the road from me, yes?
  6. When I posted this (in another thread) I wasn't thinking of the Labor Day holiday :oops: Now that I am :eek: well anything is possible :!: Will stay in touch :grin:
  7. oh dear...... :oops:

    well, the recce ride is still on - on monday at this stage - but i know tim wants company too......dilemmas dilemmas.......

    maybe we can combine? i need to start getting more long riding in if i'm to carry off my road trip in june.... :eek:hno:
  8. We can fix that Kezza...
    next time I ride to Springwood in the peak hour traffic, bumper to bumper on the south-east freeway I will take you with me and you can keep all of those fool cage drivers away from me! :LOL:
  9. uummmm i gunna be on long straight country roads.....how does bumper-to-bumper traffic help me again?????
    :shock: :LOL:
  10. Stop biting those fingernails Kez :p Haven't even mentioned this to Fran yet, so I'm far from committing either way :) What ever the result, I'm sure there will be a mutually satisfying ride for everyone involved :cool: :idea: If I didn't thank you earlier Tim, cheers for hanging around at Kyogle mate. Would love to ride with the SP1 again soon :cool:
  11. here's the road trip i'm planning......


    the kyogle run coulda been good practice for me
  12. Hey tim,

    I'm keen but I just have to find out when I'm dropping the kids off this weekend. Will let you know :grin:
  13. I'd be keen but I need a start time ASAP so I can inform work (Yes I work public holidays)

    Organization, STAT! :p
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