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Brisbane Ride sunday

Discussion in 'QLD' started by cb rookie, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Thinking of going for a bit of a ride this arvo, maybe mt coot-tha, or might dabble in some samford-dayboro rd. If anyone is interested, just let me know.
    I know its a bit late to advertise, but can't hurt...unless i get flamed :p

    This ride is dependent on uni work (trying to get an essay done this morning), and that will influence the time i leave, as need to be home to watch the rugby. at this stage, throwing up a time of 2:30-3pm.

    EDIT - I just got my CB back from the break-in service, so i'm looking to strectth it's legs today also :D

  2. No flames, no company either.
    1. I'm already half way through a 4 litre cask.
    2. The Malaysian GP is this afternoon and I want to watch it.
    3. I'm going out for a run on Tuesday, and I can only afford one run this week.

    Sorry. Have fun.
  3. Bah! Too late for me. I'd be keen for a leisurely stroll next weekend though if ya feel like going for another ride. :)
  4. I always feel like goign for a ride!:p I should be good for next sunday, but it will have to be in the afternoon. I will also need to confirm it with you, as the missus has organised something for saturday night. Funnily enough, I will be coming from the coast, just not on my bike...at this stage :p

    Stay tuned! I will PM you closer to the date, and anyone else who is interested..
  5. yeah if you want to ride, just throw it out there, on the forum, is usually easiest
  6. Okie dokie, at this stage, im thinking of a sunday afternoon ride, probably start around 2-3pm. It's quite dependent on the weather though (don't dig no rain).

    This is again an opportunity for EOIs, and suggestions for routes.

    very open to suggestions at the moment
  7. Well, do it the way we do it, pick a direction, use random number generator if need be, then look at possibles, then break it down to ones you haven't done for a while etc.
  8. The BoM is predicting possible storms Sunday PM, chances are pretty good they might happen between 2-6PM, if you don't like riding in the rain in Qld you had better get used to playing cards :)
    Want to come over for a BBQ and a game of cards? :)
  9. Maybe ...

    Last time I played strip poker at your place, I lost a thong ...
  10. I will be on my way home from out west. Should be crossing mt glorious about 2-3pm Sunday from the western side. Silver triumph with swag and shit tied on the back, give me the finger if you see me and I will stop for a chat! ;)
  11. That's ok, I have more rope this time.
  12. Oh ... goody.

    You're not still using the same chook, are you? I hate the way it was looking at me afterwards. That was really creepy. The goat didn't seem to mind, but.
  13. No, the training program seems to be too slow, you will have to make do with a couple of guinea pigs I borrowed from a mate.
  14. Your mate lent you his guinea pigs?


    Does he want them back after?
  15. Yep, I told him it was for experiments in biologicial warfare, he said ok, on the condition I didn't tell his kids.
  16. I think I'll stick to riding rain, hail or shine :p
  17. Wise choice. :)
  18. Went up through samford village, and hung a left down mt nebo rd - first time there.

    At first i took it very slowly, cos it was quiet as (left home at 3). I eventually found a car in the 80 zone (i think it was), and quickly found 1 bike passing me, and 2 more waiting for an opening. So i followed bike 1
    (as best as i could) now doing a lot faster than if i was on my own. It was really what i was hoping for - a faster bike i can use as a yard stick for the corners.

    Somehow, another bike came in between us on an awesome sounding/looking machine, looked like a modified trumpy triple of some kind. His helmet had to horn/flares on top, which made the whole look quite impressive to say the least. So now in tow of two experienced riders, at least more experienced than me, i had a ball! fantastic ride, close enough to an impromptu group ride. at the first set of red lights on waterworks rd, met up with bike 1, and a Z750 who was behind me much earlier. together we tore it up until i turned off for a mt coot-tha run! great afternoon out. definitely going back again, maybe wednesday :D

    mid-weeker anyone?
  19. temped when u have in mind? dont like riding in the rain
  20. Wednesday, possibly in the AM, but to be confirmed - maybe PM.
    Possible GC hinterland or nebo-glorious.