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brisbane/qld insurance for sports bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,
    Is there a large company that specializes in bike insurance, my car is with RACQ but they won't insure any sports bike, who are you guys with, and what premiums are you paying, i think i'd only be able to afford 3rd party fire and theft, like my car.

    my bike is going to be a 250 round the 91 model, zxr, cbr, or fzr.... i think

    if you give me a premium price, can you please state your age or age group if your going to be embarrassed.

    dan? or... sweetlisa? or.....other people haha,
  2. have a look at www.nrma.com.au, they have an online estimator for bike insurance. I am paying a silly amount at the moment, but that will come down in Nov when I turn 25.
  3. thanks dan
  4. I'm with Suncorp Insurance. But I think your premium will depend on your age, current rating too. They give a discount if you have a few things insured with them. You may have to call them tho, I don't think their web site has much to offer for motorcycle insurance. Good luck on your hunt.
  5. I'm insured with Suncorp. $240 / year comp. I think thats reasonable although my bike is not a "Sports" bike and I'm over 25, top rating blah blah blah. Still give them a try.

    When I was 19 and bought my first bike (92 ZZR250) I paid about $400 / year, got my first renewal and they now wanted $1300 / year. The bike shop had subsidised the insurance to sell the bike. Dirty trick?

    Good luck in your search.

  6. Western QBE

    I insured the Hornet with Western QBE, $279.00 for an over 25 y o driver, but with no insurance history for the last ten years (always driven company cars)
    Don't know what they're like with claims, but irrespective of type of bike, you're always going to be paying through the nose under 25 yo.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys, been a bit busy with work to reply.

    Yeah under 25 i figured was gonna be a lot anyway. RACQ wanted 1400 a year to ensure my car full comp, but only wanted 180 for Third party fire and theft at $5000,

    i figured a 2000-4000 dollar bike would probs come to about the same.

    am about to go on the nrma website and get a quote,

    thanks guys
  8. My Ducati is 3rd party insured fith NRMA for <$150. Insurance is a bet. How much are you prepared to stake that you wont be involved in an accident where you're deemed the 'at-fault' driver?
  9. well i don't have a choice do I?
    so i guess that means i'm prepared to stake a few thousand dollars or the complete wrecking of my car or soon to be bike.

    I hope i'm a good enough driver/rider to not put myself into the situation where it is my fault, tho sometimes that is not always possible.
  10. Another factor you need to bear in mind is the nominal (write-off) value of the bike you're buying and the excess they impose.

    I remember reading another thread on this topic a little while back and some poor shmuck was quoted 1 quarter the cost of a new bike for comprehensive insurance. I don't know about you, but I reckon that kind of money is better invested in quality riding gear and skills development.

    Another thing to dwell upon is years spent on 3rd party insurance (with no claims) count towards a better rating when you decide to go comprehensive.

    After several years with no claims on 3rd party insurance and a degree of chronological maturity (going to be really depressed on my next birthday) I got rating 1 for life on comprehensive car insurance recently.
  11. NRMA
    18 y/o, 1 year driving experience, no accidents,

    third party property - covers upto $3000 - $165 annually.
    fire and theft isn't an option, dunno why..
    full comp, - bike insured for $2500 - $3030 annually... :shock:
  12. 'nuff said, eh?

    Rogues and theives the lot of 'em!

    OT, how's the saving plans going and what are you consdering buying?
  13. Think it was New England Insurance Brokers who said the statement to a mate. 1 in 8 bikes at some time in their life are totally written off.

    That kinda contribues to the high cost of insurance.
  14. just raises the question, who the fcuk can you charge more then you are insuring the bike, for one year? who would, why would you.

    saving plans are about to be going better in bout 2-3 weeks when i go from $250 a week to about $700, looking to spend about $3000 on either zxr, cbr rr, or last choice fzr(probs not) around the 91 model.
    4-stroke 4 cylinders, i like the revs and rev range... and the look of the zxr and cbr rr.
  15. Don't forget to look at RGV250s as well. I did love the smell of Castrol TTS in the morning...