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QLD Brisbane parking crusade

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Barters81, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. So I'm starting a crusade to either get more marked out motorcycle parks in the cbd and Valley, or better yet to get footpath parking legalised.

    I've so far sent 3 emails from different accounts making a polite succinct request for the above.

    So now I call on all netriders (don't necessarily have to live in Brisbane) to contact the BCC am request more parks and/or footpath parks.

    Let's see if we can make a difference.
  2. Do you have a form letter to send? I am new to Brisbane, and miss the ease of parking I had in Melbourne. There is parking in the CBD fringes, which seems to be full from about 7:00am, but little in the core CBD, and I have yet to see it in other suburban areas where bike parking would be a bonus (main street shopping strips, etc). This would be a great leap forward...
  3. Here is the link....

    Write to Council | Brisbane City Council

    I don't have a standard form letter done up, rather hoping each can raise their own to look less like a concerted effort and more like a bunch of individual motorcyclists.

    I just stressed that since the filtering laws have changed there are more motorcycles, hence less available parks. Noted Victoria's laws for footpath parking and flow on benefits of more motorcycles to local government (less traffic congestion). Also pointed ut the amount of space that is currently available not being used.

    I've so far had all motorcyclists in my office (6 of them) send individual emails to BCC.
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    Sounds like a good idea Barters. I work at Toowong and don't have the issues on a daily basis but dread ever having to go into the CBD and try to find parking on the bike. there certainly are some wide, underutilized footpath areas that could prove very handy if Council got on board with the Melbourne model.

    I've written in.
  5. Just did this. Asking for more parking in CBD and West end where i actually work and parking is also poor.
  6. Good on you guys for trying to make a change. I would suggest you speak to your local Motorcycle Advocacy group as well to see if it is already one of their goals. If not bring it to their attention.

    Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland (MRAQ)
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  7. If your on the MRAQ sign the petitions for standard helmet laws and no front license plates they have running please.
  8. Sweet thanks cjvfrcjvfr I've just contacted the MRA to see if they have anything already underway and/or can add any weight to the movement. I'll post back when/if I get a response.

    JemJem thanks mate, I'll get onto those.
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  9. Some great info there Jeremy - especially in the 2015-18 Plan. Too late to add it to my submission but I'm sure others will make use of it. Apart from justifying inner-city parking, it's pretty persuasive on a range of reasons why two wheels are better than four. I'll whip it out at the next barbecue when some knob tries to argue against lane-filtering and bikes in general.
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  10. In Milton where I work it's insane, every space fills up by 9
  11. No problem, I am on the Motorcycles in the City of Melbourne Committee which is run by the Melbourne City Council, we are very lucky in that the Council Engineers fully support Motorcycle parking in Melbourne and are committed to consultation with riders over any changes.

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  12. 9?? Gentleman's hours! ;-)
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  13. 9!?! If only.......oh, I' guessing you're being sarcastic? ;-)

    Where I work, if I don't get here by 7am I can forget about a park.
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  14. How about one of the Change.org petitions that we can share around on Facebook etc?? I'm not sure how hard they are to set up, but they managed to get GTA banned from Kmart, so people must listen.
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  15. You missed a b in subsequently. :)
  16. Up to 32 already!!
  17. Thankyou, fixed.

    34 and counting.....

    I wonder how many we'll get?