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Brisbane NR - favour needed...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, May 10, 2007.

  1. Hey.

    I've found the bike I want at the price I want to pay (including shipping), but it's at a shop in Brisbane, and I'm in Melbourne. I rang the guys and they send "Sure, send a friend in to test it." It's at Brisbane Motorcycles in Windsor. If any local is going to be in the area in the next few days and is happy to take it for a spin, or even just to have a quick look and listen to the motor for bad sounds, then please let me know (PM), it would be greatly appreciated - if a third party can give it the thumbs up then I'll buy it.



  2. no offence but can't you find something better than that for those dollars? it's 21yrs old.. Unless that is what you specifically want?

    I have bought a bike of them previously, but that was a couple of years ago, they were excellent then.

    I'd go look for you, but something like that is way out of my knowledge, wouldn't know what to look for..
  3. I was there the other day and could check it out if you want. An XBR500 is a pretty rare bike but have you ridden a similar type bike? They're rare b ut they're probably rare for a reason. IMHO SRX600 is a way nicer bike.
  4. Hey.

    Thanks for the replies. In response, I suspect bike prices, as regards the sorts of bike I am interested in, are a bit nastier down here than they are up there, if by luck one can even find can an XBR or SRX (or SR) down here. So that price is quite reasonable in context. I haven't actually tried one, but it's the design I would give to any bike I got - the cafe racer - but in this case most of the cosmetic stuff's already there (I'd replace the wheels (with wire) and indicators and mud guards (for chrome) from a wreckers). Also, after owning the SR185 (which I'm riding again) I'm a big fan of single cylinders, both in terms of feel and maintenance, and also am going to strip down a single soon, so I should eventually become confident doing all the work on this bike myself. I've found an SRX in Victoria - $4500. That blows the budget, and I much prefer the look of the XBR, even if it sounds as though the SRX is a better performer. Both the SRX ad XBR seem to be rare bikes, but I get the impression that this has to do with the market tastes of the day (re singles), rather than because of a problem with these bikes. I've been wanting an SR500 most of all, and there's one which is a possibility though I suspect I'll miss out, and so go with this instead. The SR's are going for quite high prices while usually requiring plenty of work.

    If either of you feel confident that you can detect an audible engine problem, a stuffed gear-box, and a bent frame, that's all I really need to know about (I know, I'm taking a risk, but I figure that I can deal with anything else, or that if another rider doesn't notice the problem, I may well not have noticed it had I tested it myself).

    Thanks again,
  5. A 21yo twin?

    Normally that sort of query would produce VERY favourable google results... but this is a bike, dude.

    ... I can fly to Melbourne, steal your wallet and kick you in the nuts for WAY less than $2,900 :grin:
  6. Hi Matt,

    I'd be happy to go have a look at it for you if i can get the chance. That said, i've not had any experience with the XBR. As Andrew (slow_suzuki) suggested, the SRX6 might be a better option. I used to own one (just sold it to iffracem) and they're great bikes. There's a very nice one at IMC at the moment:

    http://www.importmc.com.au/Bikes/roadstock.html (Yamaha SRX600 1987)

    it's listed as $3500, but you could probably do better than that. It has a supertrapp pipe fitted, which should be a big improvement over the stock pipe (very restrictive).

    I bought my SRX6 from IMC and I can vouch for their service and quality. Never dealt with Brisbane motorcycles though, so not sure how they measure up.

    Highly recommend giving Terry at IMC a call about the SRX. PM me if you're interested in either bike and i'll see if i can get down and have a look at.

  7. short answer, no.
  8. Tanya, Better has to be "better" for the person buying it - not for you who has no financial input.

    Anyway, I think you'll find slow old crapheaps like this arent as slow as some people seem to think.... my very slow and tired 15 year old 500 seemed more than fast enough for good sense tonight, and it'd need a pretty good rider on any type of bike to have kept up.

    Just because they may not have fairings with the latest sticker kit doesnt mean they cant do "go to jail" speeds. Common sense tells me not to say how much or where....

    I bet there's still plenty of classic Manx Norton and Matchless owners who can humiliate a lot of late model sportsbike owners.

    From what I saw of cuvy on my first big NR group ride I dont think cuvy on his old SRX600 would have been far behind most of the late model sportsbike crowd either - he was in the "sports end" pack on his humble chookie.

    Matt, if you're sure it's what you want I can check it out for you when I go there to grab a new camchain for my dunger..... just let me know who I need to speak to that you've organised it with.

  9. Read that before you have a go at me ta..
  10. I did.

    It's still an attempt to talk him out of what he wants with an off the cuff comment thrown in :p

    I probably over-reacted in his defence though... sorry.
  11. Life is short, buy what you want, no need to follow the sheep if your tastes don't go that way!
    If it was near me I'd look at it for you mate, no problems or questions!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. what would the cost be in shipping it down to where u are?
  13. And it will need a new roadworthy inspection, new registration, new number plates etc.

    When i looked at doing this for a car it was about $1500 in effort - flights down, fuel back, rerego costs etc.

    I'd think you'd buy an XBR500 in vic for under $4400.
  14. IMC (who have the SRX for sale) ship all over the country regularly. Not sure how much it would cost, but they'd be able to tell you exactly how much shipping would cost, and what you're going to need to do once you get it (probably just a new safety certificate-equivalent and rego).

  15. I owned an XBR500- very nice bike!

    Common problems- the starter motors go on them early, they stall a lot at idle so you need to blip the throttle whenever you come to a stop, handles nicely on good tyres.

    Otherwise reliable and run to much higher mileage without the problems of SR yamaha's. Much faster and better handling than the SR too (is there a motorcycle that isn't?).

    That one looks like it has a custom seat, I prefer the original with it's cool plastic cowl for single seat styling
  16. Thanks to everybody who offered a hand - it goes to show what it is that makes Netrider such a good thing. I actually rang IMC with serious intent regarding that SRX600 Cuvy recommended, but was disappointed to find it sold (no surprise). So I waited to see what would happen to an SR500 that had come up on Ebay, expecting it to exced my limit, and surprise surprise I won it. See: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=566992#566992

    Thanks again,