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Brisbane newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by XMan, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm a recently 'born again' rider after 25yrs out of the saddle. A brand new CB500x now sits in the garage with less than 100km on the dial - a figure I plan to increase rapidly!

    I'm looking forward to scrolling through the wealth of info here and contributing where I can.

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  2. Welcome, I'm a Brisbane newbie too.

    Nice bike.
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  3. Welcome to NR..
  4. Thanks Goldenberri. So much info here - my usual brekkie cafe visits are fast becoming very pleasurable study sessions!
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  5. Cheers Barters and thanks. As it's mainly used for commuting and fairly easy weekend tripping, I wanted something that was light, maneuverable, comfortable and easy to handle without igniting too much boy-racer tendency. The X seems to be the perfect mount and I'm loving it!
    Perhaps we'll meet up at a Brissy event some time.
  6. Thanks Lazy!
  7. Welcome from the Goldie
  8. Hi and thanks Duke.
  9. Hi @ozemantra. Welcome. With a 25 year relapse, you probably have a few life experiences behind you (as I do). I saw why you like the bike, a learner approved bike in Vic. What convinced you to not go for a more exotic or powerful bike?
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  10. Hi Petesul
    It was a combination of things, the main one being that I didn't really need or want a bike that was, at this stage, beyond my capabilities. Like my golf clubs, my camera gear and my road cycle, I could easily buy the top shelf stuff but prefer to consolidate my skills with the basic to mid range gear before moving up. I can still have a lot of fun with the X and it's very capable and comfortable for peak hour commuting - the bulk of my riding. I could envisage getting frustrated with a more powerful or responsive bike in those circumstances.
    Cost was another factor. I didn't want to spend a lot of cash on what is really a selfish toy - my wife and adult daughters have no interest in motorbikes whatsoever. Lower cost and a 'safer' learner style bike made the proposition a much easier sell to them!
    I'm really enjoying getting back to basics and honing the fundamentals. The X is a forgiving bike that doesn't give you too many frights. Perfect for a rider like me who, at 51, has gotten most of the adrenaline under control and is happy to sit back and enjoy the journey. At least for the time being.... I reckon it won't be too long before I upgrade once I've put a few 1000kms on the X!
  11. Big news: changed my NR username from Ozemanta (long story where this came from) to XMan. Seemed more fitting given my 'ride'.
    Ok.. you may return to what you were doing.
  12. That's 'Uncanny' lol
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  13. Sounds logical. My F800S is a good mid engine range bike that gives me everything I want right now.
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  14. Showing your age Duke!
  15. welcome aboard :]
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  16. Mate there's a few of our vintage on here
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