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Brisbane Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by s-twig, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I'm in Redland City, east of Brisbane. I floated the idea of a 50cc scooter with my wife a few months ago as we're only a single car family and with her going back to work full-time, it has necessitated a second mode of transport. The more I looked into it, it didn't seem like a safe proposition without motorcycle training, so why limit myself to a scooter? Hence the scooter idea has become a motorbike idea.

    Saftey was my only concern, as all I had ever heard are negative things about motorcycles (ironically not from my parents, my Dad was a rider when he was younger). A lot of safety reading and plenty of Youtube crash compilations has now given me a balanced perspective. I've taken my time with this decision, and I'm now set on doing this.

    A couple of half-hour paddock sessions on my mates old 80cc about 15 years ago was all the experience I had, so I'm counting that as nil. I have had problems getting started, it wasn't immediately obvious how someone in my situation should approach this; do I get the bike first, putt around the back streets under my Dad's supervision then some lessons, or do I go an get some basic lessons before getting the bike? My fear is that once I encounter traffic, I might suddenly have a distaste for this and will have wasted money on a bike (re-reading that just made me realise that I will have spent more money on lessons that is impossible to recover).

    Anyway I decided on lessons first. I've had a couple of lessons, at a local Q-ride facilitator, and they are excellent, enclosed track, so I'm not exposed to traffic, but I'm not sure if I'm getting the basics down with a couple of hours a week. I've paid up for another couple of lessons, but I'll see what advice I receive here before booking any more.

    Anyway, I discovered Netrider, after browsing various forums, and this site definitely appears that it has the most collective common sense, I'm sure I can learn a lot here.

    Intro post complete. Thanks for reading.
  2. Welcome. If the lessons are going well and you can keep your balance and not stall the bike then go ahead and do the 2 day Qride. That way you will have an RE license and can ride unaccompanied.
  3. Welcome, there might be some common sense here but I wouldnt call it collective, have fun :)
  4. hey mate, i have lived most of my life in the redlands and i did my motorbike training and both licences through cycle right in ransome on the way to wynnum. seriously can not recommend them high enough. i had never ridden a bike before and after 3, 2 hour lessons i got my licence and had alot of skills and confidence form the awesome instructors. personally i am not a fan of the q ride schools that have large groups as they wont pick up little things that you are doing wrong.

    cycle right have one on one lessons and when it comes to licence time i think we did it in a group of 3. safety is i9n the forefront of my concerns and cycle right is the same. they are a family run company with a bitumen strip on their property and when you are competent they take you on the road.

    worth a visit atleast anyway.
  5. You can't really be partly interested in bikes, since riding skills are something you need to keep practising regularly. Just do the 2-day course and see what you think at the end of that.

    If for some reason you've lost interest then at least you won't have lost money buying a scooter/helmet/etc, and it is at least an interesting way of spending 2-days (think of it like a holiday). If you are still interested then as Fractalz pointed out at least then you don't have to worry about someone supervising you (or being caught riding illegally), and there's certainly plenty of opportunities in Brisbane to get some practice up on the roads without having to worry about too much traffic (it's not like the nights/early mornings are freezing cold).
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  6. That's where I've been, I must be a bit slower than yourself, because I'm on lesson number 3 tomorrow and it feels like I've got plenty more to go. They are definitely a quality outfit, I just thought I might have gone there with too little experience.

    Thanks for the advice.
  7. Welcome. I echo jd, do the Q-ride and then take it from there.

    Hope you love it and I see you around.
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  8. Welcome! Just keep at it, and you will see not just an excellent mode of transport, but a new way of life. :) Its just something else cruising roads on a bike.
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  9. Quick update. I had another lesson at Cycle Right yesterday, it was a lot better, I got to do the slalom, which was fun, I understand why people carry on about motorcycling now, that was something else.

    I'll keep at it, it's starting to get interesting.
  10. Yes, until you've actually done it, you have no idea what all those crazy motorcyclists are on about.

    It must have been extremely hot yesterday in motorcycle gear doing low-speed maneuvers, though.