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Brisbane newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by guilty, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Hi

    just signed up to net rider and keen to get out there!Sold my trials bike afew months back and picked up a drz400sm to do some road riding, neat little bike heaps of fun in the twisties!

    if anyone is interested to meet up for a ride in the brisbane area please pm me, do only have a 10ltr tank though and dont like highways 8-[ well the drz and my butt doesnt like them!!


  2. Welcome mate , which part of Brisvegas are you in ??
  3. Welcome to NR!
  4. thanks, im in nundah, been riding mainly just up to mt nebo-glorious, also mt mee, want to venture out further now though
  5. Welcome. Southsider here, Runcorn.

    If you do the Mt Mee run then continue on to Montville, that's a lovely ride.
  6. how far does 10 L get ya ? Keep an eye on the qld group rides, ususally they fill up every 140 - 160 km.
  7. thank you for your welcomes,
    I have done the montville ride but only once sun lunch time too wow traffic!!will head up there again but early.

    140-160 km is good that'll work out well, I did see a qld ride coming up on the 20th,are there many other motards on these rides? or am i just crazy doing 300 km + on the drz?
  8. There are a few that ride motards, others ride thirsty sports bikes. So a few of us keep an eye out for fuel stops. Don't see 300km too far for a motard,
  9. welcome :)

    I don't suppose you've got some video of your trials bike in action? lots of younger Netriders may never have seen the wonders of plonking ....
  10. #12 guilty, Mar 15, 2011
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    Sorry no video of myself, but heres a link to the currant world campion Toni Bou


    to explain trials is in a nut shell??

    To complete a section from start to finish without taking your feet of the pegs and putting them on the ground..... easy!

    points = 1 foot(dabs) = 1point
    2 feet = 2 points
    3 feet = 3 points
    you fall off = 5 points

    normally between 10-12 sections which you would do same sections 3-4 times over the day and whoever has the lest amount of points for there grade wins
  11. Welcome to NetRider - Petrie.
  12. Hi & welcome to Netrider :)