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Brisbane Motorcycles Mystery

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Looking at mid-size sports-tourers like the SV650 and ER6 and so on, and I'm seeing a huge number of bikes at Brisbane Motorcycles, all priced at $8900 and all with between 7500 and 8000 km on the clock. Is there something about bikes coming out of lease at 7500 km, or...? It just seems much too much of a pattern to be coincidence.

  2. $8900 sounds about right for shop sold stuff like that.
  3. Say hello to Warren when you are in at Brisbane Motor cycles. He is the bald one who looks like he will try and beat you up when you look at him.. He's a good bloke and will do you a good deal if you are serious about buying a bike. Doesn't have much time for those who are just looking for the sake of looking. I have bought 2 bikes off him and both times he took more than 1 k off the price.
  4. Maybe bravi me old mate the owners just got bored and wanted to trade up all at the same time??? but i can hear what you saying is a mighty big coincidence....
  5. Yeah, I certainly mean to cast no aspersions on the shop, or to suggest anything shady is going on, by any means. The prices are pretty attractive and the bikes look good, and I'll likely go to them as one stop when I start looking to buy. I just wondered whether there is some logical reason for this:

    2006 ER-6F, 7890 km, $8900
    2006 SV650S, 7560 km, $8900
    2006 SV1000S, 7700 km, $12900
    2004 GSX750F, (unspecified), $8900

    I guess 3 bikes out of 37 for sale with the same kinds of low km is not that huge a coincidence after all, they just happened to be the ones I was interested in looking at.

    No mystery, just apophenia. ;)
  6. no ITS A SIGN... a sign you are to Trade up to your next bike and ride for evermore with the divine knowledge that it is true and just and you are right!.... just ask the mrs first..