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Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres - experience

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by s4060, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my very first post, and Im glad it is going to be such a positive one. Here's the story: -

    I booked my bike into Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres at slacks creek after shopping around for price. I told the guy there (Con) that I would like a set of new Michellin Pilot Power 2CT's put on my R1. I booked it for Sat and, as things worked out, I ended up having plans Sat so a good mate of mine dropped the bike in for me.

    Sadly the guy had tried to contact me Sat morning, but I was out of range (bushwalking in Lamington NP). So my mate rides over there and Con tells him he couldn't get the Michellin's in on time. Then Con offers to put Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa's on for the same price (making it a saving of around $100 - ie cost price for the tyres). My mate calls me and inevitably gets no reply (it was a 21km walk ;P ).

    So I call Con first thing on Monday, and he offers me the same deal on the Michellins OR the deal on the Pirelli Supercorsa's (inc the $100 saving). But not only that, for my "troubles" he offers to pick the bike up after hours, change the tyres, and drop it back off again!! *

    Amazing customer service!! Anyone wanting tyres.. these guys have the best price AND the best service! I will be back again and again!

    If you need proof on there low costs.. call them (07) 3290 0588‎ you wont be disapointed!

    *they also lube the chain and check the brakes for free with every tyre change.
  2. FWIW, I was very disappointed by my encounter that I had with these clowns all I have to say is Con by name Con by nature... Funny enough they did'nt want to sell me the pilot power 2ct's aswell... Told me the normal power's were better????

  3. Hi There everyone My Name is Peter and saw this post and wanted all bike riders to know my experience with bike tyres and BRISBANE MOTORCYCLES - WINDSOR in Brisbane in July 2012 ( not in any way related to Con and Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres at Slacks creek )

    Brisbane Motorcycles Windsor Brisbane gave me some pretty amazing service and others should know about it.

    Took my Honda VTR 1000 2001 in withouy notice for new tyres to replace the Old i was recommended Michellin Pilot 3 by the service guys as a great all round tyre and they installed them within 2 hours while i waited ( already pretty cool service )- They seemed OK at first but I genuinely thought they were losing air too quickly and had to re air them every day to 2 days. So I took them back after 2 weeks and told them im not happy with them and a letter explaining to the manager why and asked them to exchange them for Pirelli ANGELS or my money back.

    The gents at Brisbane Motorcycles service Department not only changed the tyres for brand new pirellis but did it without any questions and did it with pleasure for me. I was really so happy with my new tyres - BUT - after 6 days of use the BP service station up the road from me at ALbany Creek on Albany Forest Drive and corner of Albany Forest Drive had a Faulty Air Hose which without me knowing straight away- pulled the valve from my new tyre // when i went in to the assistant manager in the shop he said he knew the air hose was faulty // i asked him to give me an out of order sign to pin to the air hose to save any other motorbike rider the hassle of losing instead of filling air and he declined and said he would do it himself later. 1 hour later came and i found my tyre FLAT and my leg buckled and was injured to balance the bike during a quick turn. I took the bike back to BP and made an incident report with the manager and State BP Head Office and left the bike with them.

    After 3 Days BP still did not confirm the problem caused by their Air Hose / yet I have recorded Number plates of vehicles that also had problems using the same air hose that day for evidence.

    I contacted PIRELLI AUSTRALIA who insisted i contact the place i bought the tyres from.
    Sad inside to contact Brisbane Motorcles becuase i already had them change the tyres to Pirellis i saw it as my only choice - as soon as i called them

    They asked if Im OK ( BP did Not once ask if im ok )
    They asked where the bike was and they would pay for a tow truck to pick up the bike take it to the service shop at Windsor and examine the valve - remove it from the tyre and replace it.
    They said it would be easy to determine by markings if the valve was damaged by the airhose.
    They said there would be no charge as they look after their customers and bike riders.

    Brisbane Motorcycles windsor picked up the bike within 2 hpurs of calling them and i received a call by the same afternoon the tyre was removed from the bike the valve removed and repleced and the bike was ready at no cost.

    I have not received such high level customer care and service from any company of any size like this ever in my time for any number of services and products.

    As I said I highly recommend the TEAM at Brisbane Motorcycles Windsor and hope this post gives them some business and extra support from Brisbane motorbike riders.

    The other Brisbane and Gold coast Motorcycle shops dont come close at all. 10/10

    205 Lutwyche Road Windsor QLD 4030
    (07) 3357 4333
  4. Well it's good you were looked after... Probably a bit silly to choose to ride off after knowing your tyre valve could be damaged...
  5. Thanks for reading the post - For anyone who would like to verify the claim-

    Here is the direct number for BP Albany Creek – call and ask for the manager and ask him to verify the claim which occured last week
    Old Northern Road
    Albany Creek
    (07) 3264 4470

    No i did not know the valve was damaged at first - that was known to me only after doing the turn and discovering the tyre was FLAT.

    When i was in the service station - I just had troubles filling up the tyre needing to apply alot of downforce on the air nozzle to get air into the tyre and it took 3-5 minutes to air up instead of 30 seconds.

    Thats why i went inside and reported the air hose faulty - to save other motorists and bike riders( which were already lined up behind my bike to use it after me- and i chased them away and told them its out of order to save them the hassle. ( and the buggers in there knew it was out of order and didnt put a sign on the air hose to let us know-

    After the flat happened I went at 1 klm per hour to the SHELL less than 1 k away to use the pump there and there i heard the hissing from my valve when i undid the valve cap and it was a fast hiss.

    I then went straight back to BP to report the incident/show the brand new tyres/and show the valve not the tyre was damaged. While there another motorist was having problems filling his car tyres as the assistant manager in the service station STILL did not put an out of order sign on the air hose.

    I took down the number plates of those vehicles asked the drivers if they were having problems filling air and they told me they were.

    I am claiming almost criminal negligence on the part of the assistant manager of BP Australia
  6. Just another quick thumbs up to Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres. I got a flat the other day when I was out at Ikea and was able to limp my bike over to Slacks Creek where the fellow from Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres put a plug in it for no charge for me. Now I have to wait for my next pay to be able to afford a new tyre.