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Brisbane Members that ride sports bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    Those of you that ride a sports bike and would like an oportunity to have your bike on show for all the visitors to the Brisbane Expo put your hand up.

    There is a need for around 10-15 bikes to enter the Shannons show&shine. I think you may even win a prize :grin:

    If you can handle being without your bike for 3 days then sing out and I'll put you in touch with the relevant people.


  2. No one?

    Not one person that has a bike that want's to display it at the expo??

    Think of the 3 day pass :(
  3. do you think there will be an event in MOGO any time soon??
  4. My bikes is flash enough but I'd be afraid it would dissapear and noone would be able to tell me why.
  5. 24 hours security are employed by SCP
  6. Well if thats the case, why did all of their wallets and stuff get stolen from the office at the melbourne expo? Where was the security gaurd then?
  7. Will a 250 with a "few" battle scars do? :p :rofl: :rofl:

    Their are plenty of blinging bikes around Brissy so you should get a few replies vic.
  8. No idea. First I've heard of it.

    I'd suspect that a wallet might be a tad easier to lift than a bike :?
  9. Heh, guess my somewhat battered Spada doesn't quite make it... ;) Otherwise I'd love to help out.
  10. let me try again...

    bike might dissapear and take my posts with it :)
  11. Gotta warch out for the Netrider thread hi-jackers. They strike without warning on any post.

    Security is a good start, but they're only good at protecting what's infront of them.
  12. Good to meet you today Vic and sort some stuff out :)
  13. Holy crap, I totally forgot the smeggin' Expo was on! And i think it finished today!

    /me beats himself about the head with an orange 'cos it won't leave marks
  14. Correct, make it a big orange :)