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Brisbane -> Melb (Inland Highway 39) Premium Petrol?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by gracebeey, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    This is a bit 'off-topic' in terms of bikes, but I will be driving to Melbourne at some point in the future, from Brisbane. Now, my car is a VW that needs (at the minimum) 95 RON ULP – so, Premium Unleaded. No, it doesn’t work with normal unleaded (91/92) – I’ve tried. It wouldn’t start, and it’s really not fun draining the petrol out of the tank.

    This is never a problem with short trips, but on this drive to Melbourne through the inland road, I’m concerned that I’ll be going through very small towns which may not have Premium petrol. I know that when I drive to Warwick or Stanthorpe I would sometimes have this problem – but they’re shorter distances (3 hrs) so it’s okay.

    I looked up Trip Planner on BP and Caltex websites (Shell petrol makes the engine shake like mad and barely go – are they just lower quality petrol?), and they uniformly seem to have patches where there are no stations between good distances. Ie. there are no petrol stations at all in Goondiwindi??? That seems odd.

    Has anyone ridden/driven from Bris to Melb (or vis versa), and remember what the petrol situation is? I suppose if you don’t use Premium you may not even pay attention, but any help at all would be great.

    Needless to say, I will be bringing a jerry can of petrol with me.
  2. You should be fine getting the 95 RON along the major highways. What's your range? Even at 400kms (highway driving) you've only got to stop four times and you can drive 2,000kms - more than enough. Use whereis and do some rough calculations and make a few calls if you're that worried.

    If you had to use 98 RON, I wouldn't like to guarantee that.
  3. 98 may be hard to find sometimes but I can't remember the last time I couldn't find 95, even in small country towns. You should easily be getting 5-600km between refills so you shouldn't have much problem. At worst carry some octane booster rather than a jerry can.
  4. Octane Booster? There is such a thing?? *feeling quite silly now* (I really apologise for my ignorance!!!) Is it like an additive – much like fuel injector cleaner – where you simply pour it into a full tank of petrol and off you go? Wow I’m so stupid.

    Have you used this before, does it really work well?

    And that’s really good to hear that 95 is common around in small towns, that’s all I need, I don’t need 98. A full tank normally gives me 400ish, so yes, this will be around 5 fills (because I’ll have loads of heavy stuff in the car – I’m moving).

  5. Octane booster is an additive that you tip in your tank before you refill. It's fairly cheap and is available from servos and auto shops. While you wouldn't want to rely on it full time it's fine for the odd top up, a friend of mine has a Liberty GT which requires 98 and he uses 91 or 95 + booster on trips if he gets caught out with no ill effect.
  6. You'll be fine

    Just outside Goondi is a huge caltex that you can't miss

    Done the drive a few times now, you'll find plenty of high octane :)
  7. My fiance does an iron butt ride from Brissy to Melbourne quite regularly and will only put high octane fuel in his bike, so you will not find it a problem :)
  8. in Feb I went from Mlb to collangatta, across to goondiwindi, back to mlb through dubbo, shepparton etc, with 95 RON all the way. I only use BP, or Vortex, and had no problems getting fuel. I have a 200-250km range on the bike.
    Had some octane booster in the bag just in case, but found that with the exception of the bit between tenterfield and goondiwindi, there was fuel at least every 75 kms.

    I have servos on my GPS, it helped plan the ride!.
    I also carried a 5l fuel can just in case!, but it wasn't needed.

    Good luck!