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Brisbane Mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by scottomcgotto, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. I’m looking for a good Yamaha mechanic in Brisbane, preferably on the north side. The last place I took my bike too (Caboolture Cycles) were ok, but about 2 weeks after I got the bike back it developed a suspicious oil leak, I may just be a cynical fool, but I'd like to try somewhere different to get it fixed. I'd also like to avoid the "Team Moto" chain if at all possible. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything recent on a search.

  2. southside i'd recommend bogaart's or MMM in slacks creek.. I don't really know anyone northside :(
  3. I second the Tony Bogaart recommendation.

    He looked after me big time a few years back. I was an interstater with a misbehaving Bimmer who probably wouldn't be back for a long time. The bike was going, but not very well.

    Tony rebuilt my carbies into saturday afternoon while his family waited outside with the boat they were all going fishing in. The bike never ran better than when he tuned and balanced them by ear.
  4. Thanks people!! I'll give Bogaart's a call, I don't mind going for a ride if I know he's good. Do you know if they offer a loan bike while they do the service? I wont be able to get any one to come pick me up that far from home and I know they wouldn't want me sitting around twiddling my thumbs, making a nuisance of myself.
  5. Hi Tanya, could you please send me Tony's phone number and address if possible please?

    I'm on the southside (Coorparoo), and desperately need a good reliable honest mechanic.

    The team moto at Yamaha Moorooka is ripping me off by quoting $3000 for repairing my friend's Yamaha bike (oil leaking and stand replacement).

    Anybody who can help with this, please help. :(
  6. hmm is it your friends bike or is the one that wasn't actually a friends bike that you backed over while delivering pizza?
  7. Hi all,
    Sorry not recomendation on northside mecahnics
    on the Southside, I live at Coorparoo,
    Got my CBR900 tuned at GrandPrix motorcycle on Evans Road at Salisbury,
    Did a top job and was decent price.

  8. Hi Moike, thanks for that, I've got Tony's contact number.

    Hi Tanya, the bike belongs to a stranger, a guy who was shopping at the 7-11 shop and parked his bike on the drive way in front of the shop.
    So it's not my friend's bike, he called him a 'friend' because he's quite a good guy, didn't swear at me nor punch/abuse me :p
    But I wouldn't call him a friend anymore if he insists on replacing all the damaged parts with new ones, coz that's gonna cost me arms and legs (I'm just a pizza driver and don't make that much money, but enough for food and rent).

    Hi Chris, could you still recall how much they (GrandPrix motor cycle) charge you for labour cost per hour?

    This guy from Brisbane Bike Wrecker charge me $50 per hour for labour cost, I've learnt that if we know their labour cost, we could at least know what sort of pricing a workshop/mechanic charge.

    By the way, Team Moto at Yamaha Moorooka, they charge $70 plus / hour for labour cost.

    I'll be waiting for the call from Brisbane Bike Wreckers until Monday next week, and I'll post my follow-up / review, and hopefully somebody might find it as a useful info.
  9. Just needing an update on this topic

    Hi all

    I'm new here....thanks for having me!

    Just bought my first bike after a 20 year break (just enough time to raise some kidlums) and am also looking for an honest mechanic in Brisbane. I've got a little yamaha and was planning on going to City Yamaha at Woolloongabba (mainly because I can then walk to the bus station to get to work).

    Other option is Brisbane Bike Wreckers which is also fairly close.

    Tony Bogaarts certainly sounds like the go - just gotta work out the practicalities of getting from Underwood to the city and back.

    So - anyone been to City Yamaha or Brisbane Bike Wreckers?

    Any other suggestions, or should I just go to Underwood and be done with it?

    Thanks again

  10. hi petery. welcome aboard :)

    i've been to city yamaha. i wasnt too fussed on them. didn't really have a good experience with them although the mechanic himself that i dealt with was upfront with me. so that was good. i've just found their service a little lacking.
  11. Thanks for the reply. If I can find a non-bike dealership to service my machine I'd be happier.
  12. So...went to Tony Bogaarts and couldn't be happier. Bike is going better than ever and the advice was great. Easy to get to as well - less than 10 minutes walk from Springwood bus station and 555 buses run all the time.

    Thanks for the good advice folks - great to find a workshop you can trust.


  13. Excellent, I think the world of Tony, my bike's booked in there for it's 18,000km service in a couple of weeks :)
    He won't tell you stories :)
  14. I took my bike to Moorooka Yamaha about a month ago, and I have to say -- they were great! My bike was running like a bit of a dog, but they fixed it right up.. friendly, helpful, and gave me a loaner bike (brand new Fz6) for $15! Ended up with that bike for three days whilst they got replacement sprockets in (hooray for grey imports!).

    Only problem is that now I want an fz6.... ;)