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QLD Brisbane Local Elections Free Motorcycle parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by knservis, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I recently sent the following to all candidates for brisbane:


    my name is <redacted by OP request> and I live on Highgate Hill (The Gabba ward). I have some questions in regards to motorcycle parking policy which is one of the most important issues for me, and it would be great if you could answer them. I have sent this email to the three candidates for the Brisbane City Council from the Greens, Labour and LNP and I intend to publish the answer, or lack of, in the two different online motorcycle forums (https://netrider.net.au/, http://scootercommunity.com.au). I don't represent anyone other than myself, but I firmly believe that this is an issue of public interest.

    I have recently decided to sell my car and only ride my scooter everywhere, for a number of reasons, personal and social:

    1. First reason was fuel, which added a significant proportion to my weekly budget and I am sure that on an aggregate level it adds to everyone individual's and business' operational costs hence reducing productivity (not to mention fuel price volatility adding uncertainty), and of course, also very important was the environmental cost as all this fuel has to end up in the atmosphere.

    2. Additionally, Brisbane's peculiar zone parking system (where one might not know the rules of the zone they are in as there is no signage at the time of parking on a restricted zone), efficient parking enforcement rules and near universal public road parking fees added a substantial cost which I wished to avoid. Some candidates may agree that a fee that is not proportional to income is an asymmetric tax which favours those of higher incomes as it represents a smaller proportion of their income.

    3. Finally, on a personal level one of the most important advantages over other means of commuting is the time saved, the importance of which does not need explaining. By that choice, I am saving other commuters' time, even if they decide to be in a car (to have the advantage of being protected from the elements and other drivers), as on an aggregate level, motorcycles reduce congestion. This means that Brisbane overall is getting more people transported through the same amount of road infrastructure, more people can park, more people can spend more time at work and with their families. Public transport cannot compete on that benefit yet, unfortunately (I have tried it for a long time, but Brisbane's low population density is presumably an issue in that), but I do try to use the bicycle as much as possible, which affords me other benefits also.

    For those reasons, I firmly believe that motorcycle commuting has great advantages for everyone, not to mention that some people really enjoy it, and it should be supported and favoured.

    Some ways the council could support it would be:

    A. More free parking for motorcycles.

    B. Permission for motorbikes to park on the grass verge, when not blocking the footpath (as is the case apparently in Victoria).

    C. Road improvements (potholes, road inclination, road markings).

    This is not an exhaustive list, but I would like know your positions on those and on motorcycle parking and transport in general.

    Thank you very much for your time,
    <redacted by OP request>
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  2. I'll be looking forward to reading any replies you get. I'm now reluctant to ride into work at the Gabba because of their zeal for issuing fines - received two in two weeks, which I contested, and lost, and received a late fine for contesting.....both fines I still believe were unfair and wrong..... Have been told that the Council "encourages" commuters to use public transport but for me that is over a two hour trip in each way and riding in was so much fun, until they took away that joy from me. Good luck with it!!
  3. A good reasoned letter. I hope that they get the hint that you are going to publish their response 9or lack of it) and respond accordingly.
  4. I got the first reply from LNP (both from the central political campaign team):

    Thank you for your email to Team Quirk.
    Attached is a media release which was issued today concerning motorcycle parking which should answer the majority of your questions.
    With regard to parking on the grass verge, it is Queensland Government law that vehicles are unable to park on footpaths. You correctly point out the issue of blocking the path for pedestrians but there's also the issue of damage to underground services.
    Brisbane City Council has therefore designated marked 'road space' on footpaths where motorcycles can park without causing issues, and legally.
    I hope this information is of assistance.


    I cannot attach the pdf of a press release that was attached to the response as the file is too big for the forums (85K8) but I will attach the text below:

    TEAM QUIRK to increase free motorcycle parking

    Lord Mayor Graham Quirk will double free public motorcycle and scooter parking in the inner city and city fringes to more than 1000 spaces if his team is re- elected on April 28.
    The Lord Mayor announced today that this election commitment by Team Quirk would see a total of 400 free public motorcycle spaces installed over four years in the CBD and city fringe suburbs such as South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills and Newstead.
    “First and foremost this is about recognising the growth in popularity of motorcycles and scooters due to the rising cost of petrol and public transport,” he said.
    “Today’s announcement complements my team’s delivery of record numbers of new buses and ferries and a ringroad system of tunnels and bridges allowing vehicles to bypass the inner city.”
    Cr Quirk said there were just 225 public motorcycle and scooter spaces in the inner city when his team first took power in 2008. There are currently about 600 spaces in the CBD and city fringe.
    “These 400 extra parking spaces will mean my team has quadrupled the number of public motorcycle and scooter parks in the inner city to more than 1000 since 2008.
    “It also exposes Labor’s poor track record of providing affordable parking, which includes their plan to tax cars out of the city by putting an exorbitant charge on every private CBD car park.”
    Cr Quirk said the project was estimated to cost $100,000 and he expected the project could be undertaken with minimal changes to identified areas, with the main work consisting of new signs and lines.
    There would be no net loss of on street car parks, he said.
    (continued over page...)
    “Obviously my preference is for people travelling into the CBD daily for work or study to catch public transport,” Cr Quirk said.
    “But for those who don’t have this option, this is about giving them an incentive to use lighter vehicles that have less of an impact on congestion.
    “Council also offers some of the cheapest undercover inner-city motorcycle parking in its King George Square and Wickham Tce public carparks.”
    The Lord Mayor said his team had also made Brisbane’s roads safer and smoother for motorcyclists and scooter riders by delivering $2.2 billion worth of suburban road upgrades over the past four years - $700 million more than the $1.5 billion Labor spent in the final four year term.

    [Ends] April 12, 2012
    Media Contact: Troy Bilsborough 3403 4279 or 0407 036 314
  5. I also received a response from the Gabba ward LNP council candidate:

    Dear Mr <redacted by OP request>

    Thankyou for your recent e-mail relating to motorcycle/scooter parking spaces.

    Attached is a Media Release from Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, which will be of great interest to you.

    In effect, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and his team will double free public motorcycle and scooter
    parking in the inner city and city fringes to more than 1000 spaces if his team is re-elected on April 28.

    The Lord Mayor said this election commitment by Team Quirk would see a total of 400 free public motorcycle spaces installed over four years in the CBD and city fringe suburbs such as South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills and Newstead.

    “First and foremost this is about recognising the growth in popularity of motorcycles and scooters due to the rising cost of petrol and public transport,” he said.

    More attached

    regards, Francis

    Francis Quinlivan

    Lord Mayor's representative for The Gabba Ward

    (the pdf was the same as above)
  6. Thanks for posting the replies. I was surprised to read that parking motorcycles on footpaths supposedly is "damaging to underground services"!!!!! Anyway, it seems that there will be more motorcycle parking places around the inner city depending on whoever gets voted in. I dont know if this will include my particular work area though, but still, sounds promising for riders, and I will wait and see, (and hope) :)
  7. I think the thing with damaging underground services is relating to unpaved areas. Council said they won't consider footpath motorcycle parking if the surface is not either concrete or asphalt.

    I'm interested to know where the extra spots will go because they seem to have used most of the suitable locations already. It would seem that they need a change of policy for motorcycle parking, not just marking more spots.

  8. Someone should point out that an average sized woman in high heels places more pressure on the ground than an elephant.
  9. As an interstate observer, it's pleasing that someone appears to understand that at least some footpath space is suitable for PTWs. It's a (small) step in the right direction IMO.
  10. No worries :)

    I thought people would be interested and that this is the right time to be discussing this with representatives, given that local elections are coming up.

    I also think that the point about affecting underground infrastructure is doubtful. I don't know if there is any evidence that this can happen. The grass might suffer though and some people are sensitive to that. I like nature and city green too, but I much more like being able to go for a little ride in the city get my coffee in one place and my bread in another and not have to worry that I won't find where to park. :)
  11. <redacted by OP request> this is a good thread as it shows that the politicians are starting to see value in the motorcyclist vote. Good work.
  12. I wonder if there are any policies, at the city council level and apart from parking zones, that the BCC could implement to benefit motorcyclists.

    AFAIK any road in Brisbane big enough to matter is probably under State control. Any thoughts?
  13. Mendosi:

    1. I think some of the road maintenance that concerns motorcyclists (potholes after a rain etc.) will fall under the BCC competences. Also road standards such as not having a lane end 5 meters after the sign to merge right (this is one of my pet hates) or not having a metallic manhole cover over an intersection, might be under BCC also. I don't know the exact details.

    2. One thing that I forgot to mention in my letter (but I have written to the council about before) is the contracts that BCC has with private road owners (Clem Jones Tunnel and GB Bridge) are not really very good, because for instance they charge people for visual identification of their licence plate when I know for a fact that computer vision has advanced enough to be able to do that automatically. This especially affects motorcyclists as it not always possible to carry the little RFID device (and some people might not want to). Either their contractor is using substandard technology or they are defrauding the public with artificial fees (In any case I use those roads about once a year as I feel that when I pay $400 for using a few thousand kilometers of public queensland roads for a year, paying $2 to cross the GBB which takes 1 minute and is a strech of 100m is a bit pricey, especially when there is are free alternatives, and when I think that this fee is an "asymmetric tax" on the less well off).
  14. You do know that they don't charge a video matching fee for motorbikes?

    They won't issue tags to bikes, they must use video and, therefore, it's free.

    Good point about the surface maintenance issues, though. A little while ago on Annerley Rd they were doing some stuff and they just whacked down four enormous metal sheets which were the width of the whole lane. V. slippery when wet, and absolutely no warning sign. The other thing which annoys me which belongs to council are the traffic lights which don't change for us...
  15. Oh ok! I did not know that, and I think I have never used any of toll roads on a bike, only on a car, and even that was a while back. I am still unlikely to ever use them, but it is good to know just in case :)
  16. Do you mean the inductive sensors that the bikes don't trigger for lack of sufficient metal? I also get the imperssion that his happens some times..

    One of my favourite things about traffic lights is their scheduling which is really ridiculous sometimes (my other pet hate). Take for instance the junction at Lutwyche Rd and Newmarket Rd. If it hasn't been changed you will see that when riding north on LR and want to turn left to NR the light goes from green, to red, to red with green left arrow immediately without going green for the pedestrians on the left , making you stop pointlessly (It could skip the second step if there are no pedestrians).

    Or the optimistic scheduling on the ICB and Coronation Drive intersection, when you see that the traffic from GBB to the ICB is green and there is always one or two cars max when the right turn queue form ICB to Coro drive is 500m long and it takes 3-4 greens ot get past.. (I am sure that it is based on the projected traffic volume of the bridge, prediction as valid as the ones that lead to the bankrupcy of the Clem Jones company)

    But I should probably stop the rant now as this is not supposed to be a general rant thread.. :)
  17. I recently emailed all three candidates for my local Ward (LNP, Labor and Green) asking about their motorcycle policies.

    So far I received an acknowledgement from the LNP, nothing from Labor and today I got this reply from the Greens:

    I'm not surprised that they identify public transport and cycling as a priority. It's certainly what I expected.

    I'll post replies from the other two candidates, if I get any, here.

    EDIT: It's getting late in the piece, but I encourage you to ask your local candidates where they stand on this, even if only to let them know that people care.
  18. Little bit off topic (and not a Brisbane resident) - but why the "If elected..." from the incumbent? You are the incumbent you numpty. Do it now!

    Back to my Friday drinkie poos!

    Carry on...

    Fun Ha!
  19. LOL, I laughed with that a lot.. so true :)

    Andrew, it is great that the Greens responded to you. I suppose the LNP for being in office has access to more data therefore the answer is more specific about parking, but it seems that teh Greens equally recognise the need.

    One thing that suprised me from the Greens is that they did not address the social aspect, did you mention the cost to them?
  20. Here is exactly what I asked, but substitute appropriate candidate name and party: