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Brisbane Lane Filter Protest Ride?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CurrieMuncha, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. i wanna do a protest ride much like our vic extended family have been doing. hit them in peak hour on roads with lots of lights traffics jams .

    its a demonstration of what WILL happen IF motorcyclists follow the rules

    they are getting shirts simple and clear

    LET ME

    anyone up for it

    obvisously its not gunna work with only 5 or 10 of us so we will need a big turnout

    not sure of date or road i need to see your opinions first
    who's in/out/when?where etc

    feedback please
  2. Heh, well I don't filter as it is (no confidence to), so if you want me to wear a sticker or something that says that I'm happy to - everytime I go out and ride I get to "spread the awareness" :)
  3. I'd be keen on participating but its just a matter of getting enough people to show.
  4. Give some thought to whether you want to put 'split' or 'filter' on your shirts - we might get the difference but joe public may think your protesting about better access to coffee :)
  5. I'd be up for the ride, but I don't think the shirt's going to do any good, as I don't squid. And unless it's seen on a person on a bike, it loses context.

    Maybe the way to get Joe Cager to recongnise what filter means would be do a little logo or something?
  6. wear it over your gear :p
  7. Wearing a t-shirt over gear would have to kinda suck :p And yes, most cagers don't know what "late splitting" or "lane filtering" is, or even if there is a difference between the two. They just see it as crazy dangerous bikers sitting between cars. A logo or picture or something would be much more effective...
  8. i took that idea from the vic or or the sydney post of the protest ride.

    they had a big yellow square (like a safety sign) with a pic of 2 cars and a bike filtering

    dunno how expesive it is tho

    any ideas on roads to take on.

    and on numbers i dont know many riders but i guess if we get some momentum we can get those we do know to pass the word on.

    maybe bike shops.