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Brisbane LAMS ride - Labour Day (7 May)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by mendosi, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking Labour day (7 May - right?) would be a good day for a ride.

    I know there are a lot of Brisbane riders here with small bikes that are keen for a leisurely group ride so let me know if this day suits.

    I'm thinking meet at 8am at ken more and head to Lake Manchester or something like that.

    Let me know if you're keen or have any requests.
  2. Awwww I'm on placement 7am-7pm that day! :cry:
  3. I'm in at this stage.

    I'd suggest somewhere further than lake manchester though, it'd be a cruisy half-hour trip from kenmore. Maybe a longer ride to wivenhoe?

    Tildette: Could be worse, 7pm-7am so you'd be too wrecked to come. Only another 5 weeks to go :p
  4. Well, I was thinking of a route with a few detours, along Kholo Rd, and across the river at Allawah, down to the Moggil Ferry....

    Total 1.5 hours or so plus a couple of stops.


    But, ultimately, anywhere is good.
  5. Rats, I'm working.
  6. That is...ironic.
    Where do you work that you work on Labour Day?
  7. Im going to put a maybe. I will keep an eye thread and let you know closer to the date.
  8. Ok, shouldnt be working at this stage
  9. I'm keen! Keep us posted on details. I'm happy to meet anywhere and ride anywhere :)
  10. I am doing the bay to bay yacht race :(
  11. Why that's a very fast LAMS bike you have there! I wish my LAMS bike was that fast! :)
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  12. Maybe able to make it. I dont have a LAMs bike though, but I can take it slow :)
  13. Top secret underground government facility - or perhaps I've been watching too many spy movies.

    Someone has to leave a flaming wheel track, right?

    In all honesty though, I saw "QLD" ride and missed the "LAMS" bit :p
  14. I should mention that the published route has a short section of unsealed road. Nothing worrying if you take care, but better to find out now.
  15. Where's the actual departure point? I might come and tag along for a bit if I'm not working. My bike ain't LAMS, but I ride so slowly it more than makes up for it.
  16. Let us meet at the Woolworths Servo on Moggil Rd:
    888 Moggil Rd, Kenmore, Qld, 4069 (for those with electronic maps).

    Larger bikes welcome, of course, as long as you're happy waiting for my CBR125R.
  17. any one going from south brisbane morningside area
  18. I will be coming from the northside around Wavell Heights.
  19. What time are we meeting up tomorrow?
  20. I'll be coming from southside, if you know where you're going I can meet you at Morningside, Ben.