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Brisbane (ish) Upholsterer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by hopeless, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Thinking about converting my FZX750 to single seat Rego. (Qld) because its significantly cheaper and the wifes not interested in riding.

    I can sort the rear pegs easy enough but Not up for redoing the seat as I'd like it to look nice. Any recommendations for an Upholsterer? I live in Clontarf but happy to ride a bit for it.

    Thinking about it, I wonder if a Fibreglass cowl over the rear seat would pass muster?
  2. Hi. Note that under the new rules there's no inspection required in Queensland - so you sign the form yourself to say it's single seat. As of December 2014 or so:

    http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/~/media/S...ndards/Vehicle standards instructions/G19.pdf

    "Conversion of a motorbike from a two-seater to a single-seater, or vice versa is considered to be a basic modification and can be carried out without the need for certification by an Approved Person. For two-seats to single-seat conversions, the maximum length of the upholstered section of the seat must be 500mm or less, and the pillion foot pegs must be removed with any associated brackets and threaded holes drilled out. You are not permitted to use a removable cowl or other structure fitted over the seat to reduce the length of the seat. For further information, please refer to the LL section of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification."

    So fibreglass cowl over it won't work, but a replacement fibreglass seat would as long as pegs were removed. I don't think it actually needs to have threaded holes drilled out - have to refer to the national standard.
  3. Cheers mate. yeah I knew about the new rules. Finding a new seat in Aus is not gunna be easy! the rear peg holders can be removed altogether without affecting the bike in ay way so if I get a seat specific to the solo rego I could always put it back to dual in about 30 mins
  4. Was at a custom shop today. The guys there reckon just remove the pegs as the usable part of the seat is just a smigin over 500mm and I have a bag permanantly attached. might give that a go