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[BRISBANE] Heads up, they're being sneaky.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by solidsk8, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. About 7:20am at the Annerley Rd and Stanley St intersection they've got a cop stationed hiding himself somewhere up stanley st to the left watching the intersection.

    When he sees a motorbike filter to the front of the lights he radios to a moto cop on the corner of stanley and allen st. This lets the second cop know as he's in hiding and then this second cop comes running out onto the road to stop ya after you make the turn after the lights turn green.

    $80 for "Fail to travel in a marked lane".

    1 other rider was pulled over while I was waiting for the ticket.

    I believe I saw the moto cop there earlier in the week but wasn't pulled over so thought nothin of it.

  2. They must be doing a blitz. Heard heaps of stories the last 3-4weeks about motorbikes and scooters getting nailed by the cops for filtering.
  3. Oh man what a bummer!
  4. but filtering is legal, how can this be happening?
  5. He said:

    "$80 for "Fail to travel in a marked lane".

    Filtering IS legal, yet there's many other laws that allows what you do to become illegal. Go do a search about it, ffs we all know it's been talked about 1000 times.
  6. ah sneaky indeed! i went through there the other day and saw a moto cop pulling a guy up, must have been the same set up! Glad i wasnt on 2 wheels that day then :D
  7. Hmm, I was wondering what they were doing the other day... I don't filter tho. I wonder if they are pulling over the cyclists...
  8. I've seen a cop in street clothes with a backpack on (so he looks like someone going to work) stand in the middle island at a the traffic island. I watched him radio ahead to a cop down the road, who works out in the middle of traffic to nab you.

    The question is......Is there really a problem with filtering? Are there motorcyclists being killed up here in numbers significant enough to warrant an under cover operation like this? Or is this just some bullshit exercise that justifies their existence and makes them feel that they're doing they're best to stamp out the phantom menance?
  9. Regardless, if it is only an $80 fine.. i'll take my chances..
  10. no demerit points?
  11. What a waste of cops time and public money. They should go find my stolen pushy and give those grafitti punks a beating.
  12. I've observed in the last fourteen days, the police have been incredibly active. Lots of police patrols on Stanley St directly opposite the Gabba, lots of police reports on Logan Road near McDonalds just north of Mount Gravatt Capabalaba Road.

    Happy EOFYS for the police...?
  13. very tricky. thank you for the report. and the map.

    pray tell, where is the report on this place called bad girls in the middle of the map?
  14. Nah, no points. They can book you for other stuff n take your points according to 1 moto cop I spoke to a little while ago, I think it's just up to the cop that writes the ticket. I've been pulled over 3 times for filtering, twice got the $80 fine and the other time got let off.
  15. The lights were out at the intersection of corro drive and hale streets this morning. 2 cops there, 1 directing traffic, the other pulling up bikes for filtering.
  16. I was about to post the same thing ;)
  17. $80 is the cheap fine. There is a lot worse they can ping you for.

    Thanks for the warning though.

    I got done on Wynnum Road, where the cops where hiding down Kingsbury Street. There was someone up the road calling in bikes splitting and cagers talking on phones to the guys down kingsbury st. In the time I was pulled over, 4 cars got done for talking on phones, and another bike was about to be booked.
  18. What I would like to know is, you rode past a bar named "Bad Girls" ????
  19. When in the uk filtering is common practice really don`t see what the problem is with it,if it is done sensibly
  20. Cause its closed at that time in the morning.