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Brisbane - Had my foot run over!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 500R, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hey all!

    So I had a day off and decided to commute around Brisbane today to further enhance my basic riding skills in traffic i.e. land filtering, cornering, stopping at lights, emergency braking etc..

    I was on my way to Southbank just past the mater hospital stopped behind some cars at a set of red lights. Opening lane to my right that take you down that road along the river.. I was positioned just over half way on my lane (more towards the right) and near the opening lane. A car decided to merge into this opening lane on the right, taking over my lane and almost going on the island to their right side... Of course I dId not see this coming until I felt my right foot that was Resting on the bitumen being run over by an SUV driven by an old lady which caused me a huge shock!!! No damage to my foot thank fully. Perhaps my foot should've been resting on the peg/rear brake? The lady driving could've have Waited also until vehicles were moving instead of driving through my lane partially... Maybe I could've have been more cautious in case some clown attempted this manoeuvre by positioning myself better (more towards the left of my lane)? Anyways I'm new back into riding and I dont think I was really in the wrong here?
    What do you guys think or have to say about this? Cheers

    What do you guys think?
  2. Yeah, we got taught to keep your foot on the brake. But I've also seen a few people that don't know we're allowed to filter so try the same in their vehicles. Did you get her number plate?
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  3. Do you reckon she could of noticed that she was running over something? Probably not, she's an old lady after all. It really sucks & I'm sorry it happened to you. I'm a postie & I always use the left lane during work so that impatient drivers can use the other lane to overtake me. Unfortunately, I've had several occasions where cars almost swipe me I mean f**k they have lots of freeplay to go a little further. Anyways now that my rant's out of the way, my tip to you (which I just made up on the spot) consists of the following...

    1. If stopped in the left lane, stay towards the left of that lane.
    2. If the right lane or the center, stay in the center & place your foot on whichever side would seem safer.

    The reason the right lane is on the center is because if you stay more towards the right side of that lane, there's cars coming the opposite way of that road & you're more likely to almost get swiped by them too.
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  4. A lot of times you can be legally and morally in the right but still get injured. You basically answered your own question you should have been further to the left.
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  5. yea i'll need to get into that hbit they taught us. Nah i didnt bother 'cause i didnt get injured and i was in that state thinking... 'omg did you just do that..wth'

    i dont think she noticed as it was my foot, not like it was a rock or something lol im glad it wasnt serious though it couldve been! i must give it to you posties as i think people underestimate yous and think they can just drive like whatever around you, tailgating, speeding up etc. . Thanks for the advice mate!

    Definitely true and have learnt from this lesson.
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  6. I would have been further to the right so that idiots like her couldn't try to drive over you.
    Watching my mirrors, once I saw someone waiting to get through then I would have moved over, but not before.

    You can't always have you foot on the brake, sometimes it's nice to stretch out and relax, but never stop watching.
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  7. yeah so they dont try to squeeze through for next time ;)

    i wonder if i have a broken toe but just dont know it yet... ?
  8. If it turns black it's broken.
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  9. cheers it better not then!
  10. Go get it checked out in case...and make another old lady happy! :p
    Although not much can really be done depending on where the break is...tape big toe and first toe together sometimes but usually heal on their own about 4-6weeks...
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  11. Thanks for that info Oldmaid! I was kicked out of a pub once and in my drunken stupor decided kicking an armco was a good idea. Walked with a limp for ages after that and I often wondered if it was broke. It seems to bend ok now, so nothing permanent.
  12. Yea I'll see how it goes, it's just the small toe. She ran over that side of the foot and manage to get that toe with the edge of her tyre thanks oldmaid :)
  13. Glad you're not overly damaged. As others have said, positioning could be different. But the main point you need to take from this is that a car managed to go over your foot without you noticing anything prior! That's not good awareness at all. You need to know what's going on all around you, that being the case you would've seen this impatient old biddy trying to squeeze past and could've reacted (move, hoot, whatever is appropriate) before crunch time.

    Lesson learned I reckon, doubt it'll happen again right?
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  14. Couldn't agree with you more! Need to be aware at all times even when just stopped in traffic. I admit I was wrong here and was just in my own lil world having a rest... Definitely an eye opener! A lesson learnt from this experience as a newbie rider and hope others that are new can learn from it also :)
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  15. ATGATT! - Invest in some of these.


    it may not stop your foot geting run over once - but they won't do it twice. :)
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  16. LOL !!!
  17. There is an old saying own your lane,give up any space in traffic and it will get taken.What would piss me off is any wanker getting that close in a pass. 100mm or a bit more and there would be way more contact. Dickheads have no fing clue how wide there safely tractors are and thats coming from another 4 wheel driver owner.She would have been oblivious
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  18. That's very true many people out there have no idea how to judge on how to drive in a specific situation and not familiar of their own vehicle and that extra precaution should be taken especially when someone is on a bike and with their foot down ! :p
  19. You need to be visible so stay on the right wheel track so the person infront can see you in their side mirror. Also, you don't leave your lane open to sharing unless splitting.
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  20. thanks mate point noted :)