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Brisbane guy saying his hello's

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 176OES, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    My name is Tim, came onto the forum to have a read... learn what I could, ask questions, and draw upon the experience of others.

    So.. I guess this is as good a place as any to tell some about me. Grew up in the country in QLD/SA/NSW. Had dirt/ag bikes from the age of 13 which I got rid of in my late teens, havent really been on a bike since and have instead been putting my time and money into cars instead.

    Now that my current project vehicle is nearly done, I'm looking for something new to tinker with and restore/modify... and I'm leaning towards getting an old bike to do up in a 'cafe-racer' style.

    I dont have my bike license (yet), however the riding side of things isnt really a concern for me at the moment as its probably going to be a project that sits in the garage and takes a couple of years. Really it's something that I'm more using as a learning tool on the build side of things more than anything.

    Now, here's where I'm hoping to get some input:

    I've spotted an 81 Suzuki GS1000 which is in my budget as a starting point (couple of hundred dollars). The owner describes it as a basket case, which to be honest I dont mind. What are these bikes like for sourcing parts, what are they like to work on, any typical issues I should keep an eye out for, and... any other relevant info you can impart.

    Also, if there's any suggestions for better alternatives, I'd like to hear them as well :)

    Thanks in advance

  2. G'day Tim. That's a big hair drier.

    GS1000s are nice old things and one of our members is in the middle of a build like you describe right now. I'll see if I can search up the link to the thread...

    OK, a GS1100 - more or less the same thing.

    Mine looked a bit like this. The 'bars were a bit lower. That's the US model.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply :)

    Yeah, the hairdryer belongs to the other toy! (well, not the exact one in the pic, but close enough)

    Not a bad looking bike in original form... the one in my sights at the moment is shaft drive (not sure if that is better or worse)

    I'll check out that link now

    edit: holy crap... 16 pages. I'm in for a long night!
  4. Ok, well that plan fell in a heap... the bike I had my eye on got sold (soon after my original post)

    Went at looked at a 1993 CB400 tonight, price is good, needs a little TLC cosmetically which I dont mind (plan to respray anyways), Putting a deposit on it this week

    May still try to add some cafe-racer touches to it as time goes on, not sure how that will work with a more modern bike though :-/
  5. Apart from wire wheels, which the '81 Suzuki didn't have anyway, the classic cafe racer look is off to a good start if the bike has a good old-fashioned tubular steel frame and twin shocks, both of which the '93 CB400 has. It could look really smart with all the cafe touches, and the basic bike is a good looker (well, I would say that...)
  6. Well... it took a while, had a heap of stuff go on in between... but I finally got it:


    Bike goes in to Josh at Beaudesert Motorcycles for a full service and pre-roadworthy tidyup

    Anyways, going to create a build topic in the appropriate area to discuss future plans now that I have her finally in my posession :)
  7. Congrat's on your first ride bike - She looks the goods. I'm down the road in Jimboomba if ya ever feel like coming for a cruise when you're up and running - perfect weather for it. :D
  8. Welcome to NR :)
  9. Hey Sheepy, I'm actually from the other side of town up at Northlakes.

    Once its on the road I might come along to one of the NR ride days, might meet you there :)

    Thanks to everyone else for their welcomes