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Brisbane flood pics

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by tubbsy, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Seeing as how there are multiple threads around talking about the Brissie floods, and even in light of what a huge thing it is, the indomitable Aussie spirit seems to prevail, and everyone affected seems to be in ok spirits, which I find fantastic by the way.

    Keep seeing people talk about photos they have taken, so thought it wouldn't be out of line to start a thread for those so we can see some of the power of nature they have been living with.

    So with that in mind, away we go.
  2. This is Sweeney Reserve at Petrie, about 2 minutes walk from where I live. It sits beside the North Pine River which flows from North Pine Dam and that overflowed on Monday night.

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  3. Whoa! What's in that middle shot? Destroyed carpark?
  4. I had lunch here on Monday at University of Queensland.

  5. Tubbsy, thats a bitumen road winding through the reserve.
  6. The potholes are pretty lethal too. And I saw troops and an army truck on the street in Indooroopilly yesterday. Getting coffee I think but still...
  7. Looks like it 'was' a bitumen road.
  8. Why is it that people got caught up by the floods? They knew heavy rain was forecasted, they saw floods further up North and they had a river running near their homes - is this going to be another Victorian bushfires (Cause of death: Stupidity and arrogance) or was it truly a flash flood, with no logical warning whatsoever?
  9. The people in the Lockyer Valley got caught in the 7 metre wall of water which came crashing down the Toowoomba range, I heard the water rose 3 metres in 20 minutes. No one expected that.
  10. @Smokae

    Particularly for Lockyer Valley there was no forecast, no prediction, no-one alive's seen that before. Not stupidity and arrogance. I'd be looking elsewhere for that. No-one really knew it had happened until the next day. Mammoth floods in Toowoomba at 2.30pm, Grantham I think was washed away by about 4pm, no-one even told them it was coming.

    Now some of the houses built on known flood plains in Brisbane by unscrupulous developers over the past 30 years - that's another story (but then we'd all be bitching about lack of housing supply).
  11. It was a truly flash flood,

    It happens regularly across the north of OZ,

    Dont camp in the creek bed, But up on top of the banks,
    Your standing in Sunshine with no clouds what so ever, It rains 50 miles away, and you get a tidal wave in the creek or river in front of you with no warning,
    Can be ten feet deep rushing down,

    My mate was working on the high level bridge at Fitzroy Crossing, WA.
    The boss run down and said to get out of the river, Which was bone dry and a clear sky,,
    It had rained 300 miles away,
    They got out with minutes to spare,
    All the earth moving equiptment they were using was washed out to sea,