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Brisbane Flash Flooding

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pobblebonk, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. How is everyone in this flash flooding? I hope everyone stays safe!

    We have received a text message from the Council asking us to monitor the situation overnight and evacuate if needed. Our bridge was on the Channel 9 news here about an hour ago. The 74 floods got to # 19 in our street.

    I'm actually not all that worried compared to everyone else. But I do hope we don't get the flooded!

  2. Good luck with it Pobble.
    Hope you and your property stay dry.
  3. We're on a hill in Pine Rivers and so are ok but we have relatives in the Lockyer Valley on acreage who have been evacuated. Stay safe, all Brissy and SE Qld folk, and I think the roads around here are going to be a bit of a worry when we do all get out to ride again (whenever thats going to be).
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  5. My 2011th post used with utmost sincerity towards all affected by the recent floods.
    Some very sobering youtube vids and other media reflecting all the devastation caused.
    Stay safe and well, all affected QLD folk/Netrider friends and here's to a speedy, safe recovery.

    Kind regards & best wishes,

  6. this is a brutal country when it chooses to be .....
  7. Seven houses at the end of our street are under water. I am now going to pack our stuff and see if we can get out of here somehow.
  8. Stay safe pobblebonk. Put yourself ahead of your possessions, they can be replaced, you cant.
  9. Pobble, the Hoff will save you!

    best wishes one and all, remember anything you can't carry in the roof space in plastic bags.disconnect the power and remove batteries from laptops, bikes, cars etc. If in doubt grab a portable radio, phone, a torch, blankets, and a tarp and get on the roof.

    if you need to drive through water go slow, without seatbelts, and with another car. If your inexperienced at this do not go into water deeper than your axle or body work, whichever is lower. If your car starts to shift, or try and float, open a door on the opposite side to the water flow and allow it to flood and settle, then back out.

    Property can be replaced, lives are a bit harder, and life isn't possible at all.

    Think twice and take care.
  10. Thanks. I've packed now and we are ready but the exits are under water too. It's VERY unnerving to hear your neighbours fleeing in their cars! We should be right. I'm confident it wont reach my house.
  11. where are ya pobbs?
  12. "Indonesian Tsunami..Australia gives $1 billion in aid,
    Pakistan floods..Australia gives $66.5 million in aid.
    THE WORST floods in Australian history destroys homes, towns, life and businesses...Australian government donates a lazy $1 million..

    This Governement is fukced
  13. I live in Ipswich. [Don't laugh! Us single mothers have to buy where we can afford! LOL]
  15. Fingers crossed for you...hopefully you're neighbours won't get caught in the waters. If worse comes to worse, you can hitch a free helicopter ride from the roof top.
  16. Good luck bonk, you've got our prayers and well wishes.
  17. Stay safe Pobblebonk - just watched the latest update and it certainly is unnerving !
    Predictions of higher water levels, just hours away - electricity to be cut off at 7am for safety reasons.
    Please keep us informed.
  18. Those video's, holy f^&%!!!! Good lucks pobbles...
  19. Geezuz, I just got to work in Brisbane CBD. We are right on the brisbane river, but up high. I thought there might be a lot of hype in it all, but the river has come right right up, and is still coming up.

    I would hate to see what ipswich is like. Hope all is safe for everyone out there.