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Brisbane E-tolls

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Big Chris, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    It has begun,
    all toll roads and bridges in sunny Qld are becoming cash-less
    So I have begun the quest to find out the options,
    I emailed Queensland Motorways Ltd
    and got a nice responce, very polite, see below for details.

    I Quote
    "Etoll can be used on a Motorbike. We need to advise you that Etoll is not waterproof. So if it gets damaged by water you will be required to pay a $40 replacement fee for a new Etoll.

    Most riders have a lot of success by inserting it in a plastic bag, putting it inside an old mobile phone case, then with elastic on both sides of the phone case and placing over their left arm."

    As if

    "They have also being known to bounce off the bike if not secured properly. If device is damaged will be required to pay a $40 replacement fee for a new Etoll.

    Please feel free to call into one our Service Centres and we will be more than happy to show you the different attachments we have."

    I will investigate futher,
  2. Can I suggest taping an Etoll (guessing it's like an Etag) to your arm would be a bloody stupid thing to do?

    I'd rather not have an extra thing to apply force to skin and bone if I came off and landed on it strapped to my limbs thanks.

    Happen to know where they take the photo from? ;)
  3. i'm getting a strange sense of deja vu... :x
  4. How about enclosing the etoll in a lovely waterproof lead shielded box?
  5. Hi again,
    I know some will have dejavu,
    But this is a new form of evil in my part of the world,
    nice sig,
    Bill is de man.
    Lead box will make it waterproof,
    As for cameras, not sure,
    I know that some of the etoll lanes have boom gates, so you must slow down to 30khp,
    cant just ride thru,
    no tag, no gate open, go splat.
    I will have to find out if they all have gates and the exact camera locations.
    And the strap it to your arm idea, not f**king likely,
    I like my left arm as it is, I need it to use the clutch lever, and flip off tin top drivers.
  6. good karma goes to all bill fans :wink:
  7. I hope that everyone is paying attention... mra, vmu, vmc... and so on...

    The thin edge of the wedge.
  8. How much leeway is there on the gate opening?

    I could just imagine on a wet day riding up to it and realising to late that the box had gotten wet and had decided not to work. :shock:

    Be almost worth binning a CT110 on purpose to illustrate the point. :roll:
  9. Linenoise
    Yeah dont know the answer to that one,
    Will be travelling over the gateway for work tonight, and will have a look, I should be in the passenger seat of the work truck, scope out this boom gate operation some more.
    Also a good point, if the box fails, stopping before the boom given the amount of Diesel and oil dropped from trucks on the appraoches to the E-toll lanes. Ouch.
    thanks for the good karma, good karma for you.
    Can't recall, is the marketing rant from Rant In E Minor?
    Buckets, you are right it all starts somewhere.
  10. yes it is :D give that man a cigar 8)
  11. The E-toll's in the middle lanes of the gateway don't have boom gates, not too sure about the truck ones on the sides but the middles don't. just camera's above, supposedly, if you go through it once they don't even fine you. couple of people have told me that. $10 or work to get $2.20 back for the charge($1.10 for bikes)

    i can invision pain with the Etolls that have boom gates
  12. if the boom gates are anything like the ones on some of the lanes on the sydney harbour bridge, you've pretty much got to come to a complete stop whether in a car or a bike :?

    kind of defeats the whole purpose of eTags if you ask me.
  13. Hey notsane,
    Did not know the middle lanes did not have the killer boom gates,
    will have a look tonight on the way to the job.
  14. yeah it does defeat the purpose. Ours are signed at 60km/h but you can go thru them at 70kms fine, (in a car that is)

    not a problem, always helps to know little things like that

    the thought of having an Etoll transmitter stuck to the bike ANYWHERE is just funny.