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Brisbane Dealers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Raid, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I stumbled accross this forum when i googled reviews for Sumoto. So far, i have just been looking on the net for used motorcyle dealers, looking for LAMS bikes, and came accross Sumoto.

    The bikes seem to look good, but pretty pointless for me, as i am in Brisbane, and certainly won't go to Melbourne to check bikes!

    Any places you can recommend in Brisbane? I am a newbie so i will be looking at LAMS. So far, i am leaning towards cruisers, specifically, the Yamaha xvs 650 v star custom. I notice, Sumoto stocks quite a few of these, but from the reviews i've read so far, im a little bit wary about Sumoto.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. You would do well to avoid Sumoto. They've something of a reputation when it comes to selling old, low-k grey imports in pristine (cough) condition. You'll notice their bikes are usually kitted out in... unconventional colours and fairings.

    As for Brissie dealerships, Here's a nifty map from those helpful folk at Google. There's something of a hotspot down at Slacks Creek/ Springwood.

    Of course there is always plenty of private sales around on sites like Bikesales, Ebay, Gumtree etc. :)
  3. Hey man, thanks for the suggestions...

    I went to Yamaha Team Moto at Morooka today....they had a 2008 xvs 650 Custom with 19,000 ks....$7990 ride away....what do you think?
  4. Team Moto and Pro are the biggies. They have stores all over the south east and will ship a bike to the store nearest you to inspect.
    These points can make them a good place to buy from.
    If you are an astute and aware buyer.
    The downside is they are professional sellers and will stitch you up for as much as they can. they thrive on volume sales so a bargain can be had off them if you are smart.
  5. I'm not the most experienced in such matters, but Redbook suggests a price between $6,800 and 8,000 is the norm for a private sale, so it's probably not a bad price for a dealer.
  6. Firstly whats your budget? If your looking at secondhand try to look at private first and avoiding team-omo
  7. yeah, im after secondhand, it's my first bike, so im planning on dropping a fortune, just a reasonable bike, a balance of not too many ks and price.....what's a decent number as far as bike kilometres go?
  8. Anything around 20,000k's max is all i'd go. Anything more and you're potentially looking at major service and what not.

    For a LAMS bike, I wouldn't be spending anymore than 6k to begin with.
  9. The biggest issue for the non mechanically minded is buying a 2nd hand bike without having it independantly inspected by someone qualified to find all the faults before you put your money down.

    If you have do a search through netrider posts on people who have bought lemons and then had issues with the dealer then you'll probably start asking who can you trust rather than where can you buy.

    Years ago the RACV used to offer pre buying inspections where they went over the entire car and listed every single fault they could find, with the added qualifier that they couldn't predict fatigue breakages etc. (dunno if they still offer this service now).

    I believe that you get the same service from boat engineers before you buy a boat also.

    Probably would be a good thing if the bike industry had people that offered the same services. Independant motorcycle inspections.

    The next best thing you can do is take along a very experienced mechanically competent person to help you look at the bike and do a search on here and find the pre purchase inspection list and go over the bike with a fine tooth comb.

    Just for example I bought a beautiful low kilometre GPX250 that had been owned by a guy that had died of cancer and it was his dream to ride before he died. Unfortunately the bike sat for 5 years as his daughter didn't want to part with it.

    If you ask anyone they'll basically tell you that the little GPX is pretty reliable machine.

    Anyway, the problem with this bike was that because the bike sat for so long the bearing on the output shaft got a little rusty and when used obviously wore pretty badly. After a few 100 ks it flogged itself to death. Fortunately I know how to rebuild things and I pulled the motor out put a second hand engine in pulled the good motor apart, put new rings bearing, timing chain and quides, seals and ofcourse a new output shaft bearing and put it back in.

    I sold the 2nd hand motor and got my money back on that.

    Just imagine the cost of doing that if you had to get a mechanic to do it!
  10. That's good advice Tack, thanks for that.....Anyway, i did my reaserch, and got myself the v star classic 650 from team moto nerang,...i went based on their reputation, and the condition of the bike.....got it for $7500 from $8990...with 16000 ks on it....immaculate condition with red key, etc.....

    My reasoning of course for going with these guys, is i figured, they are reputation based and also want repeat business from me......also they were very customer service oriented and confident with the bike.....something i went with my intuition......some sales people i just find off, but these guys were confident with the bike...

    I could probably have talked them down a bit, but they also of course need to make some money, and i believe in win win.....if i talked them down to the point of them not making any profit and the salesman making **** all commission.....what kind of customer service would i get from them in the future?.....i jsut belive in building good relations....and hopefully this will be good for both sides....
  11. Congrats on the new bike - I've had two bikes now through teammoto (virginia), my old man got his through them as did a mate and his dad - yet to have any grief from them.