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Brisbane Coffee Night

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Vertigo1, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Milton Maccas on Thursday night for a coffee and meet up. 6pm.
    Let's hope it becomes a regular thing.

  2. Hrm, might not get many people showing up tonight without more notice, but I will do my best to be there.

  3. Only noticed this today... Id be happy to do this as a regular thing. One thing i would suggest is perhaps making it a little later. Coming from the northside at peak hour is not my idea of a fun ride lol.
  4. Yeah, I'll second that making it a little later. Can't make it tonight as I've got a family dinner on (Roast lamb, WITH GRAVY, you're jealous, i know) but I'd like to make it a regular thing for sure!
  5. I'm happy to do it later? What like 7 730?
  6. So its meet up AND dinner at krollinators tonight?
  7. Chrissy doesn;t arrive til midnight how bout coffee then ? ha ha ha

    Another occassion perhaps.
  8. I cant make it to this event but i thought i'd suggest a second event meet.

    Springwood Suzuki is having their EOFYS this saturday, and they have a coffee shop.

    Might be a good chance to meet up, grab a coffee and a some new bike bits and pieces.
  9. I'd be able to make this if it's after lunch? 1ish?
  10. Probably a bit to late now!! Next time.
  11. RAAAA this would be right up my alley! But damn, exam that morning then to work... miiiight be able to make it but unlikely. -keeping a close eye on this-
  12. Sale starts at 8am and goes until 2pm. I'm going to try and get there at 8am, but am open to coming back later if lunch time or later is suitable for more people.
  13. Thursday night at Maccas Milton would be great. I would suggest around 8pm or so. I think in a few weeks I'll be ready to head out. Can't wait
  14. So did anyone there at the milton Mac?? I got there with another mate n a bunch of bikes show up around 7ish apparently there is another meet up from other forum. Ending up going from Samford ->Mt Nebo->Gap Mac. Good ride XD
  15. ^Lol! That's the BRC ride meet location as well, whom ALSO meet on a thursday night...
  16. Given that we are prone to short notice syndrome, can I assume that the coffee night is on again this week?
  17. Hey I recognise your username.. I'm on brc too.

    I'm taking a night off from indoor this Thurs so I'll be there
  18. If anyone's heading over tonight, I'll be there along with some BRC members. A joint ride would be good fun :) 7pm meet for 7:30 leave, Milton Maccas

    (I'm on a black baby ninja, black/orange helment)
  19. Chrissy will be up for a while from end July and we will be keen to meet up then, if I can't make it before.

  20. Bugger, forgot about this one. I rode mt glorious last night. Shame the coffee shop up there is not open weeknights.