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Brisbane CBD parking 9am?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I have a rare meeting in CBD tomorrow at 9am.

    I'm considering riding - it would certainly be handy in terms of making a quick getaway at the end of the day.

    BUT I have no idea whether all the free parking spots on Turbot st are all used up first thing in the morning or whether I'd still be in with a shot at say 8:45am.

    Any regulars here care to offer an opinion? Or would I be better off slumming it with the plebs on the bus?
  2. Any chance you could park a little further away. Im currently looking at the turbot/whickam street parking out my window. It usually has a few free spots (before 8:30am typically) since they expanded the bike parking there. My biggest concern would be the piece of shit traffic encountered in brisbane between 7:00am-9am. If its worth the hassle bike parking in most secured parking places is $8/day.
  3. Yeah I just googled around and found that the Wickham/Turbot council run car park looks like its just $6 a day! - For that money I'm in - and since I'm heading for the IBM building (cnr Turbot/Edward) thats a fine location.

    Done deal! :dance:
  4. ITs tough after 9 o'clock. I park on queens wharf road, and sometimes you can get a park there after 8, somedays not.

    I think the casino offers 8$ parking for bikes, but dont quote me on that. Myer centre may do the same.

    If you dont mind a walk, there is usually heaps of places at QUT, under the riverside expressway.