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Brisbane Bike Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Matty, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    My names matt, I just joined this forums as im getting into bikes and biking in general. My interest was sparked afew years back when I spent some time on a farm and got to spend time on the bikes my friends had, since then ive been in love :D

    Ive managed to find a wide variety of bikes and information on new beginner bikes, as a result, ive managed to find a vt250 spada for sale in the brisbane area.

    the owner is going over seas thursday and would love a quick sale! id have no problems going down myself and checking it out, expect my boss has asked that i work this weekend through to next wensday, the day the fellow leaves. I work in a night club, glassie but he needs me to do some cleaning during the day of the club, so ill be stuffed as! without a car it makes it all alot harder too! :'(!

    If there would be someone willing in the brisbane area, more specifically the ashgrove area i would be so grateful of they could do me this amazing favour of meeting with him and looking over the bike.

    i also dont feel that i am yet confident enough with bikes to appraise a bike, ive read guides on the subject, but nothing beats first hand? if someone is able to help, the guys mobile number is:

    - ive forgotten him name! just mention a bike forum and he should know!
    Hes avilable all sat/sun/mon.

    I would be forever indebted to the person that is able to help me,


    idk where this goes lol, but i thought there was no point in not asking

    p.s: if the is in good condition, id be going down on the following weekend, ill just pay him throught the week and go get if off his partner

  2. You joined the forum today, nobody knows you from a bar of soap, and you have been posting like a whore all over the place so you have a few posts up, and don't look like you just joined to ask for a favour.

    I think that perhaps you and the person posting looking for help in this thread here might be the same person, and because you got told about just joining to ask for a favour, you changed your nick, and re-joined under a new name, posted like a whore thinking nobody would know. You have since found a Brisbane based bike instead of the Sydney one and again you just want a favour.

    If I'm wrong, then you should read and take note of the post I left for the other idiot who joined just to ask for favours. :roll:
  3. +1

    putting the same post in different threads wont win too many fans either https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46944

  4. You are wrong he is from Brisbane
    IP addresses are different.

    Cut the kid some slack he hasn't been making pointless posts just to keep his post count up but if he does you know it will be dealt with correctly.
    We;come to Netrider Matty enjoy your stay and ignore TWEET he can be a tad aggressive but good intentioned.
  5. Tweet calm down, hehe :)
    I plan on becoming a interactive member of this forums and look forward to becoming even more active once I do find myself a bike!

    I dont spam, I read through quite afew posts, reading peoples about peoples oppinions and experiecnes, trying to build my own knowledge about biking.

    Some of my posts, now that I look back are insubstantial, but some are as I seem them helpful and insightful.

    I didnt just join this forum to ask for a favour, I actually found the bike after joining and as I had no way to look at it myself, I turned to my new found forums friends for help. Whats so wrong with that?

    If I offer my services to people when they are in need, does it really matter when I ask for a favour?

    In short - Dont hate the newb.
  6. I know what thats like, noone appreciates the glassy.

    I wouldn't mind giving a hand, but i'm not in brisbane. gl hf.
  7. Hahha I know hey man! Girls are the worst, they think there too good too need to move /push :D Lol

    Anyone able to help?

  8. This fella is avilable to see people on monday also, dont know if I put that in OP, sorry!