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Brisbane Area Dams & Spillways - 19th May

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Jaco, May 14, 2012.

  1. Due to the lower temperatures (and the resulting lower interest in getting up early on a weekend), I've been riding much later in the day. Come and join in this Saturday.

    Meet 11am Saturday 19th, for 11:15 departure; Ferny Grove BP.

    We'll then proceed to do this, stopping at Wivenhoe Outlook, the bottom of the Northbrook and Somerset to stretch and wait for any stragglers. Then on to Woodford to refuel, and back home via the highway.

    Will be 250-friendly, and pretty sedate; partly beacuse I am slow, and partly because I can never quite remember when this bit is coming up. Smaller bikes are cool too, but I guess may struggle with the 100 zones.

  2. Ruptured Budgie rally this weekend. Thats where I will be!!
  3. No kidding about those 2 corners on glorious, almost wrote off the car there last year. Bastard of a turn.

    I'm most likely in, don't think I have anything big on the friday night
  4. I will say maybe at the moment. Just have to make sure i got nothing on.
  5. Looking likely, will confirm in a couple of days.
  6. if you're heading up glorious through that section I'm pretty sure there is a set of lights just before it as half the road is closed from a land slide, least it was a couple of weeks ago when I went through there
  7. Because they've closed half the road on that corner, you now need to make that turn on the inside which makes it even sharper now. I'm always relieved to get past that one, especially when heading up the mountain from Samford.
  8. Yeah, that bit was one lane last week. I thought it was okay on the way up, but the way back down was a bit harrowing. Apparently they're starting work on it again this week.

    If it's closed, we can just cut over to The Gap and go up Nebo instead.
  9. Have fun guys. Ill get to one of these group rides one day, but I'm off water skiing. Enjoy.
  10. I'd join you except for the fact I'll be test riding a Griso at the Springwood "Italian Day". :D
  11. Damn, I'm working again. Have fun guys - hanging out for some GoPro footage.
  12. I'll be on the silver F4i. Post up here or send a message to xxxx xxx xxx if you're coming but running a bit late.
  13. I'll be there with a mate, black baby ninja, tri-colour cbr
  14. Yeah i will be there on a Black and White CBR250R. Heading off soon.
  15. Sorry, have to pull out. Was looking forward to this too...
  16. Hey guys thanks for the ride today.
  17. That was good fun. Thanks, all.
  18. Cheers for the great ride today. Feeling it now though. The bike ticked over 10,000 km today as well :)
  19. Sorry I missed it, guys. I was down the coast playing assistant / apprentice instructor, and chief bottle washer. Glad you all had a good time.
  20. How the knee drags?