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Brisbane activities

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertigo1, May 17, 2012.

  1. I'm curious to see is there would be interest in starting a regular meet up in brissy. I'm thinking a coffee night and also a learners/learning type day too.
    I would love to get out and meet other riders socially as I have recently moved here and don't know anyone.
    I'm happy to organise meet ups etc just with my work roster I won't be able to make it every single week, hell it might be a few weeks till I did manage to make another meet up.
    So, when would be the best day of the week to host these sessions?

  2. i would be interested depend on days and where it is
  3. I believe we used to do Sunday night coffee's in Milton. I'd be keen for either.
  4. Look this is wonderful, and I can't encourage you enough! More power to you. I'll drop in whenever I can.
  5. I will be one of (hopefully) many occasional attendees...
  6. Depend where it is, me n my Asian bikie gang will be interest to come n meet others too lol just kidding no gangs :)
  7. I'm going for my license this weekend, so I'd love to see some learner days or practice sessions as well as some future catch ups
  8. Sounds good.
  9. I lack the time, but would definitely drop in from time to time. Week nights are better than weekends for me.
  10. Work means weekends are usually unavailable, but if I'm free ill try and get there.
  11. I'd be keen. Most of my friends that "ride" are in periods of bikelessness, and the couple that DO have bikes are more into very long rides. 1000+ km a day for two weeks and stuff like that.
  12. Try the Stones Corner Hotel on a friday night.
  13. Im keen... Love to meet some more riders.
  14. Southside is good for me. Stones Corner Hotel would be fine. Friday nights would be ... ok, some weeks...
  15. First post, yay!

    I'd be keen. I work out west but am generally home on the weekends and Stones Corner would be a perfect spot for me as I'm based at Holland Park. Oh and total learner noob. Done 2000km's with half of that being in Vietnam.
  16. I am saying a bunch of riders normally hang out at the stones on Friday evenings already guys.
  17. G'day Grrila, nice to meet you. Welcome to netrider.

    Blue, are you saying that in a positive tone or a negative?
  18. Sounds like numbers are here, just need to know where is a good place to meet up for coffee/drinks and where a suitable place to hold a learners session would be. Unfortunately I don't know brissy well enough to suggest anything. I'm thinking maybe sat arvo for learners?
    Personally I would like a few days between the meet ups so with my roster I could attend at least one of them each week.
  19. depending on what your looking for for the learners sessions but theres usually plenty of empty carpark space at the Boondall Entertainment centre
  20. There used to be some good folk there but I haven't been in a long time so I don't really know.