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[Bris] Toyrun, Sun 4th Dec

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. Didn't know where to put this thread (maybe in Rides and Announcements?). Anyway, I was thinking of maybe going to the Brisbane Toyrun tomorrow, but am a bit apprehensive because I don't know anyone who's going, or anyone who's gone, don't really know what to expect, and really am not a very confident rider at the moment...

    From photos it looks like a whole massive bunch of bikes riding together, how fast do they go? And do they rie in this formation all the way to the destination?

    I would assume you carry your toy/camera/whatever in a tankbag/backpack etc?

    Major noob questions! :)

  2. good questions if you ask me.. i got me a handbag (accross) so i got plenty of storage for a toy. but being new to riding im a bit tentative about going to such a large meet as well.. but id love to go ride with that many bikes too.. so ill have to wait and see..
  3. Someone else adviced me to ride at the back of the pack if I'm a noob so that there's no pressure from people behind to go faster or anything...
  4. Most toy runs travel pretty slowly in my experience. But in big ones there always seems to be a few idiots who try and stuff it up for everyone.

    I agree, you are more likely to find those sorts near the front so keep a bit of a way back and you should be fine :)
  5. I went on the toy run 2 months after getting my L's and loved it! They do go real slow (at least they do here in Canberra.. ). I was a bit nervous but then really enjoyed it. The Toy Run is not a race, and it's not only about being charitable. It's also about promoting a good image of motorcyclists, therefore everyone bahaves really well. I had a couple of complete strangers behind me and they made sure they gave me plenty of room and didn't do anything to freak me out! I say go for it! If it makes you feel more comfortable, stick to the back of the pack. Oh, and don't carry anything too heavy (like I did) and nearly drop the bike from the weight! LOL.
  6. see you there Demuire :)
  7. Back from Toyrun :) Had heaps of fun, SO MANY BIKES!!! Will upload some photos later...

    The ride down was easy, didn't have any dramas. On the way home stopped at the side of the road and was pushing the bike (don't ask me why...) and dropped it. Cut my shin open above where the boot ends, tore a handlebar grip and scratched the exhaust fairly badly :( Feeling rather silly now :(

    Oh well, other than that it was a super day, great weather and all that :)
  8. damm mate :(

    good to see you there :D
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  10. Probably melted in the heat :)

    you got a pic of my mate's bike, he'll love that :)