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[Bris] Ride to Mt Glorious & Mt. Mee, Sat 4th Feb

Discussion in 'QLD' started by cuvy, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Seems as there's been plenty of interest from brissie riders, let's see if we can get a ride organised!

    I was thinking saturday morning or afternoon this weekend. As for destinations, Mt Nebo, Mt glorious then Mt mee might be a good ride. Any other suggestions?

    So who's interested?

  2. No thanks Glorious sucks :)

    And besides I'm busy already :)
  3. Glorious is great!

    Though I'm working on the bike on Saturday, no ridey on that day for me.
  4. Possibly on Saturday, but otherwise can't make it... Maybe next time! Still getting used to the SV too, rode it for the first time in like a week today, got completely sideways out of my driveway, phoar! Wake Up Call # 1
  5. I am in for Saturday. (My cruiser cant bend at 100kph+ in the mountains, but happy to tag along)

    If anybody interested in night rides, week-day rides for this week, I am interested as well. (only a week to go, in this happy life)
  6. Might be able to make it, as long as I'm not on the smallest bike again :LOL:
  7. As long as you don't mind a 250 tagging along then I should be able to make it on either Saturday morning or sunday.
  8. Saturday afternoon works best for me.

    blue_muppet and cruzzzo: no worries - most people seem to be at the slower end of the spectrum. The way i generally ride in groups is that if someone wants to go fast, let them. no need to try to keep up. it's usually good for the faster riders to slow down in the straight sections and let everyone catch up.

    The way i see it, there's not much point going fast in the straights, because you're going to be well into licence losing territory if you want to have fun by going fast in a straight line.

  9. I'm new to this site and keen to meet some Brisbane or Gold Coast riders. I'm up for a ride this weekend.
  10. Whoops, looks like I have guests this weekend, so I'm out. Have a good ride, people :)
  11. Think I might not be able to make it this weekend, due to needing to prepare for a course Monday...

    However, if anyone wants to go for a placid ride this week one evening, I might be able to (Im all over the shop at the moment!). I say placid because I need to get used the the R6 :) Oh, and not a great amount of back tyre left.... ...
  12. yeah soarer im up for it how does thursday sound

    went for a ride with phil on sun arvo great fun

    want to go again


    anyway 0428398916

    oh yeah


    Imtrying to organise

    just read the link

    and oh yeah im "only" on a 250 as well but i can still hold my own thru the corners :LOL: :LOL: :p :wink: just ask phil :LOL: :LOL: :p :wink:
  13. What's the matter cruzzzo, you got a terminal illness or somethin' ?
  14. Whee! When did the R6 happen?

  15. My partner returns to Bris next week. The normal bureaucracy will resume (i.e lengthy application processes).
  16. There seem to be a few people with that problem, maybe we can get a group order of sleeping drugs :twisted:
  17. R6

    R6 happened last night :) Took the long way home tonight .... damn near ended up in Warwick :p

    Put new tires on her too... Im still grinning at how much faster it is than the CBR! Very spiffy looking bike too, will try to get photos up :)

    As for Thurs night, found out today I'm working :( So it's either tonight, or Friday is free so far.
  18. well if anyone wants to go for a casual cruise somewhere tonight i should have my bike back(in the shop)

    gimme a ring
    numbers up there somewhere
  19. So is there a ride this weekend? I'm Gold Coast but keen to hook up for a ride some time?
  20. Ok, well, my saturday has freed up somewhat, so how does saturday morning suit everyone?

    I was thinking of leaving from Taringa at around 8:30, then heading through the gap (stop at BP for fuel and to meet others at around 8:45), and over Mt Nebo, Mt glorious. Then heading back down into samford, and going out to dayboro. From dayboro, going on the Mt Mee tourist drive, which goes through ocean view to mt mee. After Mt mee you end up in the D'Agular valley, and get onto the D'Agular hwy.

    From there we could head back into brisbane via caboolture and the bruce hwy,
    I'd estimate that it'd take about 3.5 hours all up, Distance maybe 200kms, but i'm guessing here. THere's a fuel stop at samford if required.

    As for keeping up etc, my usual policy is that if riders want to go faster, let them go and don't feel pressured into trying to keep up. Those who do ride faster just slow down and wait for everyone to catch up every once in a while (in the boring straight bits, for example) .

    So who's in?