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[Bris] Opportunity to humiliate and punish clueless Mexicans

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Me and Matt232 are coming up to Brisbane between the 29th April and 1st May. We'll be in Brissy for a good time, not a long time, and we're both pretty keen on having a crack at some dirt biking action while we're there.

    Otherwise we might rent a couple of roadies and go for a bit of a cruise.

    Can any Vegas-based Netriders give us any advice on where to organise bikes and riding gear, where to ride, or any businesses that take the rankest of amateur hopeless mudmunchers and turn them into slide-happy enduro masters? There's a few beaut-looking courses that are running from Cairns but I don't think we'll be able to make it up there.... This time anyway.

    Alternatively, if anyone up in Brizzy's thinking of doing a bit of mudplugging that weekend, and has some spare bikes, we can bring beer.... :grin:

    Any ideas?
  2. I think there's one mob in the partners page that hires but not dirt bikes...
  3. You can hire all sorts of bikes at Surfers as I recall.
    mainly road models.
    But for $80 bucks a day you can also get a Cappachino sports car. We did, an open top model and it was great fun on the twisties.
    If you riding or driving around Surfers head up into the mountains and check out the St. Bernard pub and the Eagles Nest pub. Great places for views and food.
    If you've got lots of money to chuck around sign up for the BMW Off Road School. Tell Simon Pavey the head instructor, you know John and Kevin in Nowra and Cronulla and you might get a discount.
    I think it's about $800 for a full weekend, bikes, food etc all inclusive. Might even be the accomadation as well.
  4. if you have a road event, i'd make it, but not dirt :)
  5. you know there is plenty of qld based netriders

    im sure if we organised a ride day(roads mountains good fun) there would be a fair ammount of interest. we could show you *some* of SEQLD awesome roads(the ones that have f##k all cagers on them)

    anyway just post here if ya gunna do a road run
  6. Yeah grabbing a couple road bikes is definately an option - although we're both reasonably keen to have a dirt squirt if it's possible - just because we're both totally crap at it and I reckon it'd be a laugh.

    Matty and I will have a team huddle and give you guys plenty of notice, maybe think about a 2-day run staying somewhere, getting on the amber nectar and getting to know some of you guys.
  7. sounds like *a plan*

    lets do it

  8. Not looking promising for that dirty weekend Loz :cry:
  9. Dirt squirting is great fun. It's even fun on a 90cc Thumpstar mini bike. I did that on the weekend and jumping a mini bike over a 12 foot table top is interesing :grin:
  10. when were you guys planning on coming up?
  11. Plane arrives in Brisbane at 11:10am

    we are heading back on the 6:45pm Mon 01 May 2006

    Since we've not done much in hte way of planning we are open for some solid suggestions on where to get a couple of road bikes hired for a few days and any guidance (read lifts) on how to get from Airport to Bike hire shop.

    then we just need some suggestions or ride leaders to get us out on the road.

    Suggestions for riding gear this time of year?
  12. What the locals use....T-shirt and thongs :LOL:
    Brisbane Mostly fine. 28
    Ipswich Mostly fine. 30
    Gold Coast Mostly fine. 26
    Sunshine Coast Mostly fine. 27
    Toowoomba Fine 25
  13. Yes, next weekend, Brisbane folks!

    As Matty said, can anyone recommend a good spot to hire bikes from at about lunchtime on a Saturday?

    And who's gonna show us the brilliant Brizzy roads I've heard so much about? We've got alllllllll weekend!
  14. well guys i would love to take you round some of our roads and humilate you.....

    but im in blackwater

    sorry guys won't be back for 1 month maybe maybe 3

    dunno yet

    you have fun tho and watch the coppers they F@#kheads
  15. These blokes hire: http://www.ozmoto.com.au/ but I've never used them personally.

    plenty of netriders up there, perhaps pm tanyathecheeky who seems to know her way around pretty well, or can put you in touch with someone who will.. :)
  16. l was going to suggest ozmoto myself, not that lve dealt with them but were very helpful over the phone when l spoke with them.

    To bad your not going in June...thats when lm heading up exactly 4 weeks later..lol

    Make sure you do Mt Mee...that was my favourite, when l went last time l was there riding with lisa
  17. Er, it's a bit embarrassing, but we can't seem to find any bloody bikes to hire.

    Ozmoto's entire fleet is gone, and the closest thing we can get is for some bloke to trundle some down from Noosa for us at a premium of $150 each over and above the hire cost.

    So we might not get to ride at all up there, which would be a cryin' shame.

    If anyone can find us some wheels, we'd be very happy to hear from you - you can gimme a call on 0418 219 330 or leave messages here.

  18. make sure you lock up your daugthers for the weekend
  19. Now now Craig, not all of us need our prey to be captive....

    Ahem. :grin:

    Still no bikee for me and Mattee... Nobody's got any ideas?