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[Bris] If ur near the story bridge, there's suicide attempt!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gracebeey, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. If anyone's near the story bridge, on top of one of the peaks there's a guy there about to jump. Well....he's been there since 9am, so I dunno how much longer. The traffic's been backed and the cops have been there for just as long.

    On Thursday my friend actually saw a girl about to jump from the middle part (car-level), and she eventually jumped - and is currently in coma from the impact (hitting water). The peak is more than twice as high, this guy is toast if he jumps (also, he's over a block of land, not water).
  2. Im just up the road in the valley (wickham st)..

    So, what happened?
  3. Nothing yet....he's still up there...6 hours later. I hope they've all slip, slop, slapped, the sun was really hot! :p
  4. Must take the prize for the most prurient post of 2007 :p.
  5. how high is story off the water? I watched mythbusters a while ago ..... :twisted:

    edit: self edited for bad taste...
  6. It's morbidly fascinating....but waiting for action is deathly boring.... :p

    Very bad taste, I know. I wonder how many bad jokes can people come up with for this topic......uh oh a challenge!!
  7. Brining it up is in bad taste...
    But if he has been there for 6 hours, then death is not the point of the exercise.
  8. Actually, I was wrong. It's close to 11 hours now. My friend works at the Bridge Climb centre, and he got there at 6-ish and the guy's already up there. Wonder what the motive is...
  9. in those imortal words from scary movie " what are you waiting for..."

    motive.. pick anyone of a number. Maybe his mum didnt give him enough attention when he was 5.... maybe he lost his boyfriend to a girl... who knows.
  10. [​IMG] Do a flip!

  11. HA HA HA, I love that line! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Wonder if he'll leave a mark like this when he lands:

  13. In melbourne I don't think the general public know how many people try and jump off the Westgate bridge ever week.
  14. Did anyone watch the documentary on the golden gate bridge.

    Some film people set up cameras to watch the bridge for a year.

    They had already said if they think someone is about to jump they will contact the police that patrol the bridge to stop them.

    They ended up filming about 20 or more people jump and die.

    1 guy they saved twice in the 1 year :shock: and they also saved others.

    Only 1 jumper survived, but im pretty sure he broke some bone and was unconsious when he hit the water.
  15. That's from a couple of days ago in Canada, isn't it? It's a real picture of the imprint left after this kid fell from the 9th floor :shock: of an apartment building.

    Even more shocking was that he survived!
  16. Someone told me due to the drought there is a layer of thick mud under the westgate bridge in Melbourne and when people are jumping off now they are not being instantly killed but sink into the mud. :cry:
  17. i'm trying to get my hands on a copy of it.

  18. Correct!

    Two broken legs, but is expected to make a full recovery.
  19. Have they jumped yet???