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[BRIS] Friday Coffee Nights, Milton

Discussion in 'QLD' started by xj6001991, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Ho All, for those who are new to riding or those who are looking to talk to like mined people, come down too the Coffee Club at Park Road at Milton around 7.30pm till late, Motorbike parking out front.
    Jason XJ6001991 (now a Victorian)

  2. oh hello jason

    bout bloody time you joined

    f##king victorians

  3. will be in next week , lol
  4. yay our own thread... I will be there this friday from 7pm unfortunatly I wont be brining the trumpy till some repairs have been done but the cantankeus british b!tch will be with us in spirit. :LOL:

    Hope to see most of you there this friday...
  5. friday 15th....

    just found this thread - what time do people meet? i finish work round bout 4.00 but live just north of brisbane itself. so depending on meet time i will either go straight there (and hang about) or come in :grin:

    unfortunately not with bike - not yet up to riding into town at any time of day let alone night time....

    but i look forward to meeting people if there are some going to be there????
  6. hey kezza... i will be finishing up here in southport around 5... home + packing for te christmas tresure hunt + travel i should be there around 8-8:30 but there should be alot of "off site" forum riders from the toy run... I'll be fronting up as i know 0 people in qld...
  7. thanks, i'll see how i feel tomorrow bout all the travel - home to city to home to city to home makes about 4 hours in the day - but at this stage will try to be there (plus meeting all new people in one big go gets a bit scary - much rather learn to ride all over again :) )
  8. I'm new to Brisbane and new (this decade) to riding bikes. This Park Road meet up sounds good, are there many going to it? Is it still on?
  9. Hey guys!
    I was there last Friday night,but wasn't up to it tonight. Hope to see you there next Friday night- I think that is the 22nd? There are loads of bikers there- actually so many that I only met a few of the Netrider people. I still think we need little name badges :LOL:
  10. i didn't make it either last night, but possibly next week. if there are so many bikers there how do we recognise / find netriders or others who have recently posted here? (my friends tell me i'm a bit of a woose when it comes to new social situations...LOL)
  11. welll its easy when you look around teh group of people look fo a guy who looks like he has escaped form a psyk ward and you will unfortunatley see me.... But as for meeting people sat was the first day i turned up for an event and i found out that 99% of the people were awesome... and i only got to say hello to 10 or so people properly...

    speaking of unfortunate kezza I wont be there for three weeks... i will be catching up with drunken friends in hobart at theis beauty of a bar www.joesgarage.com for a while... I'll keep posting my drunken exploits ina vain atempt to convince peopl up here to do a tour of tas starting an ending at joes...
  12. Good form Ward......jolly good form.....glad to see someone else is planning some drunken exploits with me at Joes!! I can't have all the exploits to myself.. :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
    Yeah! Tour of Tas...come on...you know you all want to.... :grin: :grin:
  13. Its gotta b done, particularly as we seem to keep losing the tassie contingent to the 'north island' :wink: :) :grin:
  14. Someone say drunken exploits? I'm in, I'll bring a towel
  15. :LOL: :LOL: Don't forget the spa.. :LOL:
  16. so it there actually gunna be ANYONE left in brissie to go to milton tomorrow night?
  17. Hey kezza- PM me and we can try and organise to meet there. I really would like to go- have had a crap few days at work- 11 hours straight today and tomorrow not looking much better. I am in agony with a muscle I injured in my accident yesterday as well...but would love to be there...might have to drive :cry: if my back is still like this.
  18. i think i will try to make it along tonight.

    sounds like a good time.
  19. look forward to seeing u there - there's a couple of us most definitely going to be there - i'll probably end up getting to milton round bout 6.30 sicne i'm coming from work - but mostly meeting people from 7.30

    of course, anyone whos there earlier is free to join me......look for the short one.....
  20. i've been talking with kezza and i will be attending my first coffee night tonight...providing i'm welcome!! :p
    Thought i would warn you so people arn't wondering who i am...
    look for the very lost brunette with the shoei helmet? hehe.