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[Bris] EOI Camping weekend/Motorcycle rally

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Checking the motorcycle rally calendar I can't see anything in SE QLD anywhere in the near future.

    Obviously with the weather turning the chances for a good camping weekend on the bikes is getting thinner and thinner.

    Expressions of Interest for people to attend a ride and weekend camping session somewhere within an hour and a half's (so you can go back and check on pets/kids or even check in on work) ride of Brisbane.

    If I can get at least half a dozen people interested in a Friday Night/Saturday Night camping out I will try and organise a location and create an official event.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  2. me in.....depending on which weekend we pick.....the more riding i do the better i'll get.....

    and the chance to be able to ride and then have a drink and not have to try to get home straight away would be good.....

    and we can also plan what deviousness we can get up to while the vics are here....hehehehehehehehehhe
  3. Sounds great!
    I'm in!
    Yoo-hoo! Have always wanted to go camping. :grin:
  4. camping???? as in beer, burnt steaks bad tents and mozzies??? not quite convinced yet... could be soon
  5. What do you need to convince you???? A nice blat on the bike? Good friends?? Beer?? Burnt steaks....... :LOL:

  6. ahh try saving to fly to sydney for a weekend of family, friends and debauchery... I may even pop along and say hi to the syndey netriders if i have time :wink:
  7. Surely you can afford a weekend for us Wardie?
    What's happening to you????
    Piking at the CC. piking half-way through rides, piking from the rally!
    You got yourself a girl have ya??? :LOL:
  8. multiple.... thats the problem. :wink: Yep last weekend i left you guy's to have lunch with my two favorite little blonds amy and katlen. This weekend its sarahs turn (you will get to meet her) and the weekend of sydney its Gen's...

    i have to go swimming to take a break...
  9. Geez, well your friends can't be keeping you from the important things in life can we?? :roll: :grin:
  10. methinks that there would be no chance of bein a lone camper on a biker rally wardie.......altho i can lend you a leaky single tent if you would prefer to be alone.... :LOL:

    hey slow-suzi, just let me know what weekend you're thinkin of....i'll have a hunt round for possible campsites within comfortable riding distance.....and i reckon i could try convincing the kids, dog and cat that they would luuuuv more doggy/kitty company for those who need pet minders..... :grin:
  11. Well, I dont know how well my dogs would play with yours, since one is terrified of other dogs and the other tends to get attacked by them.

    Something within return distance is probably best for me.

    Anything thats not a long weekend in May would seem good. June would probably be too cold.
  12. i can understand that bout the dogs.....i'll check it all out.....

    and if we're talking may, i'm kinda restricted to the last weekend in may :( ....

    weekend 1 = go-karting
    weekend 2 = mother's day
    weekend 3 = i've been told i HAVE to go on the wima group ride
    weekend 4 = are you free? i'm free........

    (wow - first time in almost forever i've had a month of taken weekends....my social life is finally lookin up!!!!)

    hope that suits other people cause i'd hate to miss this one......

  13. Well, I guess that locks in the weekend but I dont see the numbers we need yet to bother. otherwise I'll just invite the three of you to my place instead.
  14. give em time.....see what happens tomorrow......

    but we could always do a rally with 4 couldn't we? who needs more than that? i'm sure the 4 of us could manage to look like a bigger group of bikers.....

  15. Well, I could pig out on maccas for the next 4 weeks... im sure I could look a fair bit bigger by then.
  16. now there are some sacrifices that nobody should be asked to make :shock:
  17. I'M IN GUYS... just tell me when!
  18. Was speaking to a (non netrider) riding friend earlier this week about the possibilities of a rally.

    Just so happens they know of a few hundred acres (with dams that actually have water and yabbies in them) available.

    I'll chase it up for possible dates, and it's actual location.
  19. WICKED!!! I'm there! I'll leave thesteak out for a week so its good for them!!!
  20. This is gonna be fun! :grin: :cool: