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[bris] eoi april 16/17

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TheForgotten, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. no idea where, that's why we discuss these things...

    any takers???

  2. tempting, where?
  3. am keen, Just did a north ride, some great sections of road still but unfortunately a heap of road works and alot of sections of pot holes or gravel. Maybe south to beachmont
  4. I can't make the 16th/17th. Have fun though! :)
  5. keen. just did mt mee on saturday, cleaned the bike in the morning, bloody bored so went for a blat. left at 1ish and was home by 5. didnt see a single cop. would be keen to go further up to montville, just wasnt keen to do it by myself, theres some sweet roads up there. that said, i will go wherever the group prefers and have no real preference, just throwing it out there.
  6. If I have a new ride by then, I'm down for it. North or south, either is fine.
  7. I'm interested. South is better for me, but whatever works.
  8. I will know closer to the date, my roster doesnt go that far yet.
  9. and in an awesome turn of events, unless i'm struck with a miracle i won't be able to come afterall
  10. Anyone still keen to do a south run? I pick up my new bike mid week so i'll be doing a loop through the Gold Coast Hinterland next Sunday if the weather holds.
  11. I am keen :)

    I'm still a bit green on the bike as I haven't even had it for a whole week yet, so I wont set the world alight with blistering speeds, but if you don't mind having me along I reckon I will tag along.

    South would be better for me.
  12. I'd love another proper ride but the 16th I have a birthday brunch to attend, and then birthday clubbing for a 21st that night.
  13. Welcome to Netrider, Brissy_Rider! Great to see another local. : )

    I'll be at Yatala BP about 8:30 on Sunday, hopefully the weather is as nice as today was.
  14. I got a buks party that weekend!!! Yay, bring on the girlies! I am keen to get my q-ride under the belt and get onto a new bike, so I would be keen to do a ride for slow riders in the near future though.
  15. Cool Sheepy and thx for the welcome mate. I will update my post on Friday night to let you know if I can make it Sunday :) But at the moment, I can't see why not
  16. I'd love to come, but unless I can find a few $$ for juice, I think I'll be sitting this one out.

    Yers are all welcome to drop by the chateaux kneedragon on the way through... I'm near the Calamvale.
  17. No worries, guys. All good. I'll be heading out regardless but it's always nicer to have company. : ) I'm practically busting to take the new wheels for a spin, the wait is terrible! Haha.
  18. Ohhh yeah I know all about that, took a week for me to pick up my bike. Letter of settlement sent on the Thursday, so I thought I would have it Friday or Saturday... NO.... Got it the following Wednesday, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  19. Is that your new ride in your profile pic Jem?
  20. Yeah, still a 600 but a bit different to the CBR.

    Change of plan too, I'll be heading out saturday instead of sunday. I'll start sacrificing objects of affection to the rain gods tomorrow and pray longingly for sunshine. :grin: