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[Bris] Black 08 Suzuki GSX650F [Make a offer]

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Robb0, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hey People

    I'm putting my bike up for sale. Sad to see it go.

    Details are

    Bike: 2008 Black Suzuki GSX650F
    Rego: Mid Jan 10 (Just added another 6months on rego)
    KM: 1630km
    Condition: As New
    1 Year left on Factory Warranty
    Always Been Garaged
    Extra's: Bike has suzuki optional centre stand fitted, Tank Pad. Will also be coming with, Drggin Jeans, 2 Dri-rider Jackets, Dri-rider Boots, 3 pairs of gloves, Winter Riding Pants only worn about 3 times, Rain Suit only used once.

    I think it would make a great bike for someone coming off the restrictions or just getting back into motorbikes.

    Price $8,350 with the Ridding Gear or $8,200 without the Ridding Gear.

    Think that is it pretty much all my gear except for my helmets which I won't include due to I don't beleave selling 2nd hand helmets due to safety reasons.

    Selling due to got a new hobby and new comitments (Getting Married)

    Also since I brought the bike thought I'd use it alot more going on day rides. But didn't end up getting into ride days due to work and not know many people up here. Since moving from SYD to Bris my biking days have gone down hill.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] :cry: :cry:
  2. Re: [Bris] Black 08 Suzuki GSX650F [Now with Photos]

    Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Re: [Bris] Black 08 Suzuki GSX650F [Now with Photos]

    Thanks. I found Sydney more happening when it came to bikes. Seems to be more orginised rides and more twisty roads. Anyway sad to see it go hopefully after I'm married n have a house I hope to get back into it.

    Anyway guys I am open to some offers.

  4. Just a quick update will be putting another 6months Rego on.
  5. Is this the LAMS version or the full power version?

    We are looking for a LAMS bike for Jodz.
  6. Nah Sorry full power version
  7. Re: [Bris] Black 08 Suzuki GSX650F [Now with Photos]

    lol when i moved to Brisbane from Sydney i actually found the opposite. There are so many guys up there available for rides it was really good. Up north of Brisbane and Down south near the gold coast are where all the good bendy roads are. If you just want a quick run though can always go up Mt Glorious Just behind Brisbane. Was some really really nice roads being the gold coast though.
  8. Make a offer. It is already to go have road worthy certificate.
  9. Can't beleive that this hasn't sold yet.
  10. Yeah all the calls I got were people from NSW no Qlders. One of them Was ment to be up this way Saturday haven't heard back from them yet.

    Anyway just gotta play the waiting game.
  11. Yeah i though this would have sold by now! Once the weather warms up it will be gone really quick!
  12. Price update also option to take with out the Ridding Gear.
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