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[BRIS] anyone up for a ride this sunday 12th?

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TheForgotten, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. i know it's short notice but is anyone up for a run sunday?
    no idea where to TBH, was thinking we'd figure out where we're going when we get there


  2. pfft no takers?

    well jam you all! :cry:
  3. Hi TF,

    My brother and I will be tackling http://tinyurl.com/35pprts this sunday
    Absolutely awesome roads btw.

    Leaving Yatala BP at 7:30 sharp.

    Whilst we have ridden there once before, the route is not committed to memory, so it's guaranteed we will be stopping quite a bit to have a look at the map.

    We pick where we will meet next(ie the next turnoff) and then go as fast or slow as you like to get there. My brother will most likely be TEC.
  4. definitely interested. been doing too much commuting, not enough riding for fun
  5. check your pm mate (y)
  6. I'm keen! I was going to do the loop derick posted later in the morning but it'd be cool to tag along with a few others.
  7. awww i'm gonna get outridden by a girl. on a bigger bike too!
    stupid restrictions :(
  8. Well, last time we got out ridden by a bunch of patched Harley riders on that route.
    The options however were pretty much: move over, or eat guard rail.



    see you all there
  9. never mind , slept thru the alarm
  10. Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys, was good fun! : )
  11. ^^ agreed.
    i definitely need more practice though....
  12. I thinks we need to study the maps a little better before we set off :p

    Thanks for coming along for the ride though.

  13. I've found, with unfamiliar roads, that I make a Google Map and also jot down important notes for direction changes....


    And so on...

    And also, before taking a Group onto a ride, I pre-ride the route so it's more 2nd nature when others are following.

  14. we changed our route halfway through, to cover some more twisty bits than the original route