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[Bris] Anyone going to the CBR600RR launch tomorrow (Wed 18)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gracebeey, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Team moto is having the Honda CBR600RR launch party tomorrow - at their Springwood Team moto Honda dealership from 6-9pm.

    There's food and refreshments involved, apparently :grin: Sounds like free dinner to me!!

    Anyone going? I'm interested!!

  2. hadn't heard bout it....but i won't be goin....if i feel twice as good tomorrow as i do today, i still wouldn't be up for it. :(
  3. Well so long as it's self-inflicted that's ok ;)
  4. unfortunately it isn't - although that couldn't make it any worse. :?
  5. so how was it?
  6. It's tonite Wardy
  7. ahhh... blond moment. cheers mate... i'll go back to my flu induced hell
  8. I have the perfect solution for the flu:

    1/2 a bottle of Bourbon.

    followed by the other half.

    May not cure the flu but it takes your mind off it - and is a better excuse for feeling crook :shock:
  9. no i am off the booze untill this next blood test comes back ok...

    i prefer highland whisky :wink: